Navigating the Waters of Sudden Wealth Increase: A Guide for Liquidity Events

Navigating the Waters of Sudden Wealth Increase: A Guide for Liquidity Events

Mar 15, 2024

At Accordant Global Partners (AGP), we serve some of the most prominent families, corporations and business leaders in the world. We are our clients outsourced Chief Security Officer and operations team. Our Purpose is to ensure the families and organizations under our protection remain resilient to the unique and dynamic global risk landscape. We are not a security company, but we use our network of trusted providers, which includes security companies, to mitigate risks that we identify for our clients.

Sudden or large changes in wealth can be a life-changing experience, opening new opportunities and challenges. Whether it's through inheritance, a successful business venture, or a windfall, managing newfound wealth requires careful consideration and planning. Beyond the excitement of financial abundance, it's essential to proactively prioritize security & risk management as the new wealth and public profile (even within social groups) will change your family's threat and risk dynamics; Moreover, setting up a family office, implementing structures and policies, and building a legacy are crucial aspects of managing wealth effectively.

Recognizing your role as the family leader and defining who you aim to support are crucial elements to comprehend. Family dynamics and passing on intergenerational wealth pose distinct challenges that call for well-thought-out frameworks. Our experience at Accordant Global Partners across multiple families in establishing and maintaining the family security and risk management frameworks, tells us that by promoting open communication and transparency within the family, the family can better prepare for potential situations, ultimately minimizing conflict and nurturing unity when making future impactful decisions.

We advocate families take a holistic approach to risk assessment. A vulnerability in one aspect of your life can often have repercussions in multiple areas. By considering the interconnectedness of different risks, we can better understand and proactively address potential threats.

At Accordant Global Partners, we provide invaluable support to individuals navigating risks associated with wealth, by offering tailored solutions to address their unique security concerns and mitigate risks effectively.

Here is how we do it.

Risk Assessment:

Accordant Global Partners conducts comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities specific to the individual/family. By assessing factors such as personal lifestyle, who you are responsible for, cyber risk, travel risk, and reputation risk, we develop a clear understanding of the client's security and risk landscape and prioritize areas for mitigation.

Security Planning and Implementation:

Based on the findings of the risk assessment, Accordant Global Partners will develop customized plans, budgets and strategies to mitigate identified risks effectively. These will fall under our 5 Pillars of Risk.

  • Medical Risk
  • Physical Risk
  • Travel Risk
  • Cyber, Digital/ Technology Risk
  • Bespoke Risk (these are Risk like trusted insider, reputation or other risks that do not completely fall into another category).

5 Pillars of Risk 


Medical Training and Education

Empowering clients with the knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to security threats is essential for proactive risk management. Offering security and medical awareness training and education programs tailored to the families' specific needs and concerns are highly important. These programs cover topics such as personal safety, cybersecurity best practices, travel security tips, and emergency preparedness, equipping clients and their families with the tools they need to stay safe and secure.

Planning Travel Management/Security

Travel is a rewarding part of life as an Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) family, but it can have unique challenges. From booking and itinerary management, to managing the travel risk across all family members in a dynamic environment. Families want to consider how they are booking travel, can itineraries for all family members be centrally accessed. Who do you call if something happens while you are overseas and how do you stay current and alert to changes in risk factors while you are travelling?

As an example: AGP tackles this for our clients by partnering with a leader in global UHNW travel management to offer exceptional travel with peace of mind knowing if something goes wrong, help is just a call away backup up by a robust travel risk management platform.

Physical Security

When encountering sudden wealth, personal security becomes paramount. High-net-worth individuals are often targeted by various threats, and implementing practices to maintain a low public profile and monitor your profile can significantly mitigate risks, especially in this age of cyber-enabled physical threats.

Securing your home is fundamental to ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Implementing robust security measures such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and reinforced doors and windows can deter intruders. But before you embark on these projects, careful thought should be given to what you are trying to protect and what solutions are appropriate.

For some high-profile individuals and their families, executive protection services might be crucial for personal security and safety. These professionals ensure the physical security of the client and their loved ones while maintaining a low profile and minimizing disruption to daily activities. While we view these solutions as a solution of least preference, they can be an important factor in allowing families to live life uninterrupted, and in those situations, Accordant Global Partners can provide experienced security personnel trained in executive protection techniques to accompany clients during travel, public appearances, and other high-risk situations.

Cyber Security

In today's digital age, cyber threats pose a significant risk to affluent individuals. Safeguarding sensitive financial information and personal data from cyber-attacks requires implementing robust cyber security measures. This includes using strong, unique passwords, regularly updating software and antivirus programs, and encrypting sensitive communications. Additionally, being cautious about sharing personal information and limiting exposure on social media platforms can help prevent targeted attacks. However, most importantly, educating yourself and your family about online safety practices is essential for protecting your wealth and reputation from cyber threats.

For example, information such as your home address and your children's school details can often be easily discovered online. This could result in the need to introduce physical security measures such as surveillance systems, access controls, and perimeter protection for various locations like homes and offices. Limiting the amount of personal information on the internet and establishing digital privacy measures to protect sensitive data and counter cyber risks is an essential strategy in today's digital landscape.

Bespoke Risk

Bespoke Risks are those risks that do not neatly fit into the other categories and deserve special attention like:

  • Trusted Insider Risk
  • Geopolitical Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Addiction and Mental Health
  • Kidnapping

Large increases in wealth (especially those in the public domain) change your family risk profile significantly, especially with respect to trusted insider risk and reputational risk. These two risk categories have the potential to greatly impact the health and wellness of a family and the family culture should an event materialize.

Crisis Management and Response:

In the event of a security incident or crisis, such as a physical threat, cyber-attack, or reputational crisis, Accordant Global Partners can provide rapid response and crisis management support. Coordinating emergency response efforts, liaising with law enforcement and other relevant authorities, and managing communication with stakeholders to minimize the impact of the crisis and protect the client's interests.

Overall, Accordant Global partners has played a critical role in supporting individuals and families by providing expert guidance, strategic planning, and proactive security solutions to mitigate risks and protect their assets, reputation, and well-being. We assist our clients in understanding the unique and actual risks they face and provide them with advice on a wide range of safety, protection, privacy, and security risks from the perspective of a Chief Security Officer. We work from a “why” footing, exploring the actual risks before we look at the' “what’s” and “how’s”. To implement risk mitigation solutions, we then connect our clients to best-in-class technical experts and service providers anywhere in the world from our vetted partner network.

In conclusion, navigating the waters of sudden wealth requires careful consideration and planning from the very beginning across various domains. Wealthy families have always faced risks; however, the risk landscape is evolving, for example, now families must be aware of cyber ransom attacks or privacy breaches linked to children's social media accounts. The unfolding methods through which wealth can be vulnerable have made risk management increasingly complex.

Our advice is to seek professional guidance when needed so you can navigate the complexities of risks with resilience and peace of mind.


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Accordant Global Partners (AGP) is a Risk Management advisory firm. We are a global network of risk professionals serving some of the most prominent families, corporations and business leaders in the world.

Our Purpose – To ensure the families and organizations under our protection remain resilient to the unique and dynamic global risk landscape. ​We do this across Five Pillars of protection and Risk Management - Cyber, Personal, Medical, Travel and Bespoke.

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