Preparing for the FOX Technology Showcase, June 15-17

Date: Jun 09 2021

Erin Hulse, Deviate Consulting

Today’s blog post is focused on preparing for the technology demonstrations that are taking place during the technology showcase. By now, you probably have an idea of which demos you would like to attend based on the needs of your family office. I have a few general tips to help you get the most out of the demos, as well as a longer, downloadable checklist that you can use to dig into more details. I will be posting a recap at the end of each day if you happen to miss any of the sessions, and feel free to reach out with questions!


General Tips:

  • Pick a Demo and Stick with it – Don’t try to float around between several demos during a session. They are short as it is, trying to pack in as much information as possible. Pick one partner and focus on the entire demo. Every partner is repeating their demo several times during the three day event, so you should have the opportunity to see most, if not all partners over the course of the three days.
  • General Ledger or Performance Reporting? – Is your office focused on a better performance reporting system, or a stronger general ledger and partnership accounting platform? Answering this question will help direct you to the most appropriate and valuable demos for your team. The FOX team will be able to help with guidance.
  • What if I Have More Questions? – Many of the partners will be having a User Group Roundtable meeting which is a perfect place to ask your in depth questions or hear questions from other peers who are currently using the product, or possibly considering implementing the product. Look at the schedule to see when your partners’s meeting is taking place.



This checklist is a starting point for some high-level questions to keep in mind while viewing the technology demonstrations. To view, please click here.