Talent, Culture and Hiring the Right Fit

Date: Jul 02 2013

Todd Luchik

Businesses consistently cite the ability to attract and retain top talent as among the elements most critical to their success. This remains true today despite persistently high unemployment rates as many critical jobs go unfilled. But in many respects, hiring effectively is as much about bringing in the right cultural fit as it is about skill set.  If you’re business’ growth is dependent on innovation, you’ll want to hire people comfortable with change and ambiguity. If you have a flat management structure, you’ll want to hire self-starters who don’t need a lot of direction to be successful.
A number of speakers explored talent issues during our recent Wealth Advisor Forum in Coral Gables, Florida. The agenda featured a series of TED-style presentations that looked at innovative recruiting and retention strategies at leading multifamily offices. In the following excerpt, Ascent Private Capital Management President Michael Cole discusses the relationship between talent and culture and how integral Ascent’s hiring practices are to the firm they’ve developed.