2024 FOX Premier Partner Technology and Risk Management Day


Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024 - 10:00am
Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024 - 05:00pm
2024 FOX Premier Partner Technology and Risk Management Day

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FOX Premier Technology, Risk Management Day highlights FOX's Premier Technology and Risk Management Resource Partners featuring Eton Solutions and Accordant Global Partners. This special event brings to the FOX community in-depth thought leadership, panel discussions, product and service demonstrations, peer exchange and an overall educational approach to operational technologies and risk management. This unique event is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about optimizing technology and managing risk in a family office.  

About the Event

Take advantage of the opportunity to:

  • Hear from leading experts within the risk management and security industry, focusing on how cyber, physical, and personal security will continue to evolve and integrate within the everyday life of wealth owners and the offices that serve them.
  • Learn about family office industry technology solutions and services through panel discussions, demonstrations of product updates, and thought leadership presentations
  • Connect with peers facing the same challenges as you

Who Should Attend

The FOX Premier Technology and Risk Management Day event is open to all FOX members and is included with your membership.


    Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    All times are U.S. Central Time and subject to change.
    10:00 am

    Eton Solutions: Current State of the Family Office Industry & Current Trends
    Rob Mallernee, CEO

    10:45 am Eton Solutions: Cybersecurity Trends & Best Practices
    Tim Raby, CTO
    11:15 am Eton Solutions: AI’s Evolution and Impact for Family Offices
    Murali Nadarajah, CIO
    11:45 am Eton Solutions: Product Demonstration: Introducing EtonGPT Eton Solution’s Advanced AI Capabilities
    Rahul Shrivastav
    12:15 pm Lunch Break
    2:00 pm

    Accordant Global Partners: Pro-active Medical Programs for Family Offices
    Jon Archer, CRO, Michael Guirguis, MD, Peter Shanley, Co-founder & Chief CRO

    2:45 pm

    Accordant Global Partners: Travel Risk & Planning for the Entire Family
    Jon Archer, CRO, Peter Shanley, Co-founder & Chief CRO

    3:30 pm

    Accordant Global Partners: Defining Trusted Insider: Threats and Management
    Jon Archer, CRO, Peter Shanley, Co-founder & Chief CRO

    4:15 pm

    Accordant Global Partners: Pro-active Family Risk Management Session
    Jon Archer, CRO, Peter Shanley, Co-founder & Chief CRO

    5:00 pm

    Day Concludes