2018 FOX Global Owners Forum Agenda

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

12:00pm Registration and Luncheon

FOX Overview of Forum

FOX Presenter: Amy Hart Clyne, Executive Director

Family Enterprise Strategy and Leadership Development

Family Enterprise Best Practices

FOX Panelists:
Sara Hamilton
, CEO and Founder
Charles B. Grace, III, Managing Director, Advisory Services
Miguel López de Silanes, Managing Director, Europe and Latin America

A panel of FOX Enterprise Leaders will share best practices that global families use to strengthen their family enterprises. When the family values the continuation of the family and their enterprise beyond the original operating business, a set of guiding principles and practices lead the way for generations to come. Topics in this session will include how assets are
owned in a family enterprise, how businesses grow, how decisions are made, what family learning and leadership looks like, how boards are selected and evaluated, and what place entrepreneurship holds for the family. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel participants.


Case Study - Knell Family Enterprise Strategy and Leadership Development

FOX Moderator: 
Charles B. Grace, III, Managing Director, Advisory Services

Harvey G. Knell
, Founder and President, KCB Management
Lorin Knell, Managing Director, KCB Management
Peter Knell, Managing Director, KCB Management

Upon the sale of the Knell family’s operating business, Harvey was confronted with a new set of challenges. How could he work to “let go early” like his father did so effectively, how he would support the transition of his family wealth, and most
importantly to Harvey, how would he ensure critical skills were developed within his family to manage the enterprise. Allowing for the independence his sons desired and establishing accountability were top of mind as his family worked together to establish a successful family enterprise. Developing their own best practices framework, Harvey Knell and his sons, Lorin and Peter, will share how the family devised their strategy and developed family members as future leaders of their family enterprise.


Owner Dialogues - Enterprise Strategy and Leadership Development Discussions

In roundtable format, share your challenges and your successes as you work towards strengthening various components of your family enterprise, as gathering wisdom from peers is insightful and illuminating.

5:00pm Adjourn for the Day

Forum Reception and Dinner

Loews Chicago Downtown Hotel - Roof Deck Terrace


Friday, April 20, 2018

8:00am Breakfast
Families of Impact

Impact Families: Making a Difference in Business, Philanthropy, and Society

Bruce Boyd
, Principal, Arabella Advisors
Paulina Cromwell, Product Manager, Knowledge Center, Family Office Exchange

In this session we will explore how families make a difference on issues that are important to them through their businesses, their investing and their giving. Increasingly, we observe how families, wishing to make an impact with their wealth in their lifetime, have found creative ways to integrate both business concerns with philanthropic goals. Bruce and Paulina  will share introductory comments on best practices in philanthropy, impact investing and environmental/social/governance concerns.


Experience Panel

Bruce Boyd, Principal, Arabella Advisors
FK Day, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, SRAM Corporation / Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, World Bicycle Relief
Robin Steans, Board Chair, Steans Family Foundation
Rob Heinrich, Board Member, Morrison Family Foundation

Many families have adopted strategic approaches to the way they run their businesses and their life in an integrated fashion. Some have applied business expertise to their philanthropic causes, and others have pursued impact across all of their investments to promote social and environmental returns. Representatives from three families will share their knowledge and experiences.


Collaborative Learning Circles

Participants will have the opportunity to rotate through 2 topics of their choice to discuss:

  • Impact Investing – deploying investment capital for greater social returns
  • Impact Philanthropy – making a difference on an issue you care about
  • Impact Businesses – making your business more socially responsible
  • Next Generation Engagement and Leadership – meeting the expectations of the next generation
  • Fopstering Entrepreneurship and Encore Careers – fostering new thinking and funding new ventures and other approaches for leveraging time and talent
12:30pm Luncheon
Commitment to Family Learning

Breakthroughs in Family Learning: Opening Insights on Goals for the FOX Family Learning Network

FOX Presenter: Amy Hart Clyne, Executive Director

While we are accustomed to quarterly family meetings, monthly portfolio reviews, and annual family philanthropy gatherings, the environment in which families are learning is changing rapidly. At the same time, families are increasingly in search of more engaging learning opportunities for families. Families are seeking to inspire future wealth owners so the rising generation gets a chance to learn from the family and from the peer communities they join.


How to Make Learning More Engaging: Case Studies and Hands-on Exercises

Led By: Sharna Goldseker, Executive Director, 21/64

Sharna will share family learning case stories and interactive approaches in family learning that helped build the muscles for exploration, enhanced capacity for critical thinking, and ultimately gave family members the opportunity to develop self-concept to navigate through the world of opportunities available to them. Sharna will describe hands-on tools utilized to engage multi-generation families and how they helped families achieve their goals. You will have the opportunity to utilize the same tools in order to apply them back at home after experiencing them here in this session.


Roundtable Discussion with Family Learning Network Educators

FOX Moderator: Jane Flanagan, Managing Director

Family Educators:
Mindy Kalinowsky Earley CMP, CFBA
, Lifelong Learning Specialist, RDV Corporation
Alexandria Elliott, Learning Officer, Chifam LLC
Ernie Patterson, Vice President, Director Family Shareholder Relations, Brown-Forman

Leading family learning educators will each share 2-3 techniques that have been successful in supporting the unique learning objectives of some of their families. Explore which ones might resonate for you whether you are new at developing an educational curriculum or an experienced family that wants to go deeper. Time will be available for interactive dialogue.

5:00pm Adjourn