2020 FOX Rising Gen Virtual Forum Agenda

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Day 1 Agenda: Wednesday, October 7
All times are Central

10:00 am Opening Comments
10:15 am Icebreaker
10:25 am

Exploring the Depths of a Passion for Building a Business
Presenter: Stockton Rush, CEO, OceanGate

After pursuing a career in the skies - at 19, he was the youngest licensed jet transport pilot - and as a tech investor, Stockton Rush turned his curiosity and passion for exploration into OceanGate, a company that builds deep ocean submersibles and offers researchers and citizens alike a chance to take an expedition of a lifetime. We will hear his pioneering story about innovation, design, and a desire to push boundaries in exploration of some of the world's deepest ocean sites.

11:30 am Break
11:40 am

Concurrent FOX Expert Breakout Sessions
• Direct Investing
       • Family Boards
       • Virtual Family Meetings
       • Foundations and Influence on Family Philanthropy

12:40 pm Breakouts Conclude
4:30 pm Happy Hour
6:00 pm Happy Hour Concludes

Day 2 Agenda: Thursday, October 8

10:00 am Opening Comments
10:05 am

Constructing Meaningful and Impactful Investment Portfolios Panel
Presenters: Michael P. Hotz, CFA, Vice President, Asset Consulting Group; Katherine Kroll, Senior Institutional Sustainable Investing Specialist, Brown Advisory

Whether in the form of investment themes like cannabis, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence - or a values-based ESG approach, investors today have more opportunities than ever before. Two industry leaders will lead an interactive discussion about how to effectively integrate your personal values, beliefs and interests into your investment portfolio.

11:10 am Break
11:20 am

Resilience & Recovery in Unprecedented Times
Presenter: Bill Lyons, Senior Director, Institute for Family Culture, Abbot Downing

In the face of a Global Pandemic and the economic and social volatility of the past year, principles of resilience and recovery are in the forefront of our thinking about wealth management and generational succession. Throughout history, these principles have been at the core of wealth creation and wealth transfer. Capacity to identify change, respond to challenges, take action and learn from experience have been essential to sustain wealth across generations. Reflecting on history, personal experience and examples from families of unique wealth allow us to identify lessons that enhance our skill and capacity to recover from setbacks, adapt to change and lead in the face of adversity. In this interactive session, Bill Lyons, Senior Director with Abbot Downing's Institute for Family Culture, will share six domains of resilience and recovery, facilitate a dialogue about your definition of resilience, share stories, best practices and tools to foster resilience and recovery in unprecedented times.

12:25 pm Closing Comments
12:40 pm Forum Concludes