2021 FOX Family Forum Virtual Agenda

Tuesday, October 26

Family Members, Family Offices, and Thought Leader Council members are invited to attend this day of the Forum.
All times listed are in U.S. Central time.
 9:30 am

Virtual Participation 101 (optional)
Join us for an overview of the virtual portal and tips to enhance your virtual experience.

10:00 am

FOX Vision for Resilient Families

Glen W. Johnson, President of Membership, FOX
Peter Moustakerski, CEO, FOX
Sara Hamilton, Founder and Board Chair, FOX

10:20 am

We Need to Talk: The Hidden Impact of Wealth

Jennifer Risher and her husband became extra-lucky beneficiaries of the dot-com boom. But sudden wealth had its challenges. Jennifer will share her thought-provoking, personal story that explores the hidden impact of wealth on identity, relationships, and sense of place in the world. At a time when money is still a taboo subject even among those closest to us, her memoir, We Need to Talk, is a catalyst for conversation that demystifies wealth and inspires us to connect. After sharing her story with at FOX’s Rising Gen Forum, Jennifer will share some takeaways from that discussion as well.

Jennifer Risher, Author of We Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth
Introduction by Mindy Kalinowski Earley, CMP, CFBA, Chief Learning Officer, FOX

1.0 CPE | Specialized Knowledge



11:15 am


11:30 am

Supporting Mental Wellness in Families and Businesses

The past two years have tested even the most resilient families who have been challenged with balancing domestic obligations with home schooling and managing companies virtually. In the best of times, family held enterprises often have complex dynamics due to the relationships between employees. Given the uncertainty in the world, it is unsurprising that the rate of anxiety, depression and substance use are at all-time highs. Family enterprises will thrive if they balance promoting financial sustainability with maintaining the mental health and wellness of their workforce. Don’t miss this interview-style session to learn more about innovative ways that advisors, employers, and family members can achieve positive mental wellness during times of uncertainty. 

Arden O’Connor, Founder, O’Connor Professional Group
Moderated by Jeff Strese, Family Learning & Leadership Consultant, FOX

1.0 CPE | Specialized Knowledge



1:45 pm - 4:15 pm

Ensuring a Smooth Leadership Succession Process

This seminar is a deep dive into the topic of succession, including how to proactively plan for and manage family leadership transitions. Speakers will consider ways families can anticipate their needs before a succession crisis occurs. They’ll also cover how to open up communication with the rising generation and prepare them for their emerging responsibilities. They will look at leadership potential “markers,” as well as the competencies rapidly becoming essential for the future. They will also address the handoff itself – when to let go and how to successfully step up. Finally, they will examine what can go wrong during these sensitive moments and how to mitigate common causes of derailments.

Carl Robinson, Ph.D., Founding Partner, Vantage Leadership
Mindy Kalinowski Earley, Chief Learning Officer, FOX
Sara Hamilton, Founder and Board Chair, FOX

CPE is not available for this session. 

4:15 pm            Virtual Programming Concludes 


Wednesday, October 27

All members are invited to attend this day of the Forum.
All times listed are in U.S. Central time.
9:00 am

Update from FOX Leadership Team

Sara Hamilton, Founder and Board Chair, FOX
Glen W. Johnson, President of Membership, FOX
Peter Moustakerski, CEO, FOX

9:30 am

Evolution Across Generations: The Caroline Rose Hunt Family Story

Caroline Rose Hunt was the 3rd child of H.L. Hunt Jr. an American oil tycoon and entrepreneur. She established her family enterprise in the early 1980s, focusing on hotels and leisure, and exited in 2011. Today the enterprise holding company, The Rosewood Corporation, has a centralized ownership structure, headed by John Dziminski, enterprise president. John oversees three diversified business lines including oil and gas exploration, private equity direct investments, and real estate direct ownership. John also oversees the family office, the family’s private trust company for all family trusts, and manages the trustee function. John will take attendees through the journey of Caroline Hunt’s family enterprise evolution.

John Dziminski, President, The Rosewood Corporation
Moderated by Glen W. Johnson, President of Membership, FOX

1.0 CPE | Specialized Knowledge

10:20 am

Own It: How to Develop a Family Enterprise Mindset

Any owner at any age can gain ownership-related perspective and skills contributing to greater family harmony and business success. With two other authors, Gaia Marchisio, executive director at Cox Family Enterprise Center at Kennesaw State University, has written a book providing enterprising families and their advisors examples and practical advice to promote knowledge, skills, and capabilities -- incorporating a broad range of topics spanning personal and interpersonal, leadership and wealth, business, ownership, and financial. Learn how to build “ownership literacy” in your family, along with a genuine sense of stewardship. 

Gaia Marchisio, Executive Director, Cox Family Enterprise Center
Introduced by Mindy Kalinowski Earley, CMP, CFBA, Chief Learning Officer, FOX

CPE is not offered for this session.

10:50 am


11:10 am

The Role of Independent Board Members in Bringing New Insights to the Family

This experienced panel of family leaders will share their insights from working with independent directors on governing boards (both Gen 2 and Gen 5 perspectives). They will describe the benefits derived from adding independent directors and how to find the right people for these important roles. We will explore how independent directors help balance the tension between supporting the family’s legacy and enabling the enterprise to find new opportunities to thrive during challenging times.  

Pierre duPont, Partner, Cerity Partners 
Craig J. Duchossois, Executive Chair, The Duchossois Group, Inc.
Sara Hamilton, Founder and Board Chair, FOX  

1.0 CPE | Specialized Knowledge

12:00 pm

Break & Forum Sponsor Zoom Rooms

Join us for this casual opportunity to meet with our Forum Sponsors to learn more about them and get your questions answered. Pop in at any point during the hour, for as long as you would like to visit.

1:00 pm

 Break Continues

1:30 pm

Benefits of Age-Appropriate Learning Strategies

When is the right time to begin a learning program, and how do you determine which topics to include within that program? FOX’s Learning Center team will help attendees answer these important questions through theories, FOX research, and best practices of leading families. Speakers will explain the resources available in FOX’s updated Family Learning Handbook and describe how the learning tools can be used for a variety of family learning initiatives. Attendees will leave with easy-to-implement learning activities as well as an understanding of the importance of program design and applied and just-in-time learning. Come prepared to discuss, learn and share.

Mindy Kalinowski Earley, CMP, CFBA, Chief Learning Officer, FOX
Moderated by Allison Lawshe, Learning Center Coordinator, FOX

CPE is not offered for this session.

2:20 pm

Wednesday Virtual Program Concludes



Thursday, October 28

All members are invited to attend this day of the Forum.
 All times listed are in U.S. Central time.
9:00 am  

FOX Forum Agenda for Thursday  

9:15 am

Disruptions and Their Impact on Family Offices 

The pandemic has created tremendous disruption on many levels causing dramatic changes in how we work, communicate, travel and manage risk. Our reliance and integration of technology has created data security risks across the office and family. Talent is on the move, and it remains difficult to find and retain critical employees, and where and how they work has forever changed. The regulatory and tax landscape is rapidly shifting, causing a renewed focus on longer term planning and structural changes in the office. Succession in the family and family office similarly changes the work and governance structures needed to be successful. Join us for this session to get a clear picture on the challenges you need to be addressing in your office and the boardroom in the coming years and actionable advice on how to manage them.

Glen W. Johnson, President of Membership, FOX
Peter Moustakerski, CEO, FOX

1.0 CPE | Specialized Knowledge 

10:05 am

Intelligent Family Offices: Changing Our Way of Thinking and Operating 

Family office technology continues to grow at an exponential rate. While the new technologies are exciting, many family offices are still dealing in old data methods. The technologies of the early aughts are no longer sufficient for future client demands but changing them isn’t like changing a light bulb. What challenges and opportunities should you be ready for? Which systems should you evolve first? What do you need to get your data ready for the transformation? What steps can you take to prepare for the family office of the future and better serve your clients? The answers include a new way of thinking and a new operational approach.

Rob Mallernee, CEO, Eton Solutions 
Matthew P. Grupp, President and CEO, Grupp Organization LLC
Moderated by Kent Lawson, Director, Technology Integration Services, FOX and Peter Moustakerski, Advisory Board Member, FOX

1.0 CPE | Information Technology 

10:55 am

Break and Forum Sponsor Zoom Rooms

Join us for this casual opportunity to meet with our Forum Sponsors to learn more about them and get your questions answered.

11:25 am

New Frontier Creating Investment Opportunities

Direct investors are forging new paths into frontier investing on a daily basis. As ideas become reality in a constantly evolving realm, investors should seek guidance on seeing around the corners. Join us for a conversation with two experts in the life science and fintech space, where they’ll discuss the trends they’re seeing and share invaluable insight into two fast-moving and exciting spaces of next-generation wealth creation.

Denny Boyle, Managing Director, SVB Capital 
Bill Burkoth, Managing Partner, Life Science & Healthcare, Arterial Fund, SVB Capital 
Moderated by Jonathan S. Tunner, Director, Private Investment Opportunities, FOX 

1.0 CPE | Finance 

12:15 pm

Closing Remarks and Forum Concludes