2021 FOX Family Office Forum


Tuesday, Jul 20, 2021 - 04:00am
Wednesday, Jul 21, 2021 - 08:00am

This compelling two-day virtual 2021 FOX Family Office Forum™ will bring together C-suite family office executives, senior managers, HR managers, technology heads, and family members to discuss the common challenges family office leaders and advisors are actively addressing. Every member of your office is welcome to attend virtually. This two-day program will cover important topics affecting family office executives such as:

  • Trust and estate planning
  • The ultra-high net worth insurance landscape
  • Refining change management skills
  • Generational sustainability
  • Complexity, cost, and staffing of family offices
  • Potential regulatory changes that could impact family offices
  • Trust in technology
  • Culture in a hybrid office environment
  • Leadership in the new world

“If in the family office space this forum is a must, you get so much information from so many different perspectives.” – 2020 Forum Attendee  

“FOX has distilled mountains of data and observations down to 6 hours over 3 days. You will certainly leave with wisdoms and new ideas that you can implement immediately.” – 2020 Forum Attendee  

Who May Attend

  • All FOX members are welcome and encouraged to have unlimited attendees participate in the virtual program.
    2021 Trust and Estate Planning Update
    Publish Date

    Don’t miss this annual Family Office Forum update. Income and estate tax changes are highly probable, and speculation abounds regarding potential regulatory developments, all of which could significantly impact family offices and individuals. Learn what to watch and what, if anything, you might consider doing to protect your family and clients.

    Navigating the Evolving Insurance Landscape
    Publish Date

    This session will address changes to UHNW property and casualty insurance, D&O, and life insurance that family offices must consider. Panelists will explain what steps need to be taken to minimize risk across multiple family units and guarantee that all family members being served by the family office are protected.

    FOX Complexity Study: Results and Interpretation
    Publish Date

    FOX recently completed a new study on Complexity and Value. The study centers on the complexity that is reflected in a family’s size, structure and planning, and how that in-turn drives complexity and cost in the office. The study also reveals how the office provides value to the family in managing inherent complexity, mitigating risks, and leveraging opportunities. Attendees got the chance to review and discuss the findings, learned how to interpret their own office results, and explored how to use the study for the benefit of the family and the office.

    Family Office Regulatory Update
    Publish Date

    Regulatory change is in the air. With the Corporate Transparency Act, post Archegos crackdown, and a congressional focus on tax revenues, family offices are in the center of critical regulatory conversations. What are the implications to existing and future family structures, privacy, and reporting? What is being done in Washington DC to bring an industry voice and balanced perspective? FOX brings together a panel of experts to explore the implications and potential scenarios for family office executives and key advisors to consider in their planning.

    Exploring Trust with Technology
    Publish Date

    Trust is the core value in family offices' work. It has been forged over decades and in some cases, generations. Trust has always been fragile, but in the digital space, even more so. How is trust redefined in a world where we will be conducting work mostly digitally? How do we choose technology that builds trust rather than destroys it? What are the five red flags we need to be aware of, and how does ethical AI address these concerns? These questions and more are addressed.

    The Happy Middle - A Hybrid Work Environment
    Publish Date

    In the last year, workers around the globe have experienced remote work, not by choice, but by necessity. Not surprisingly, many have found it a positive experience and hope they can continue working remotely even after the pandemic is over. Others miss the office and can’t wait to get back. No one size fits all. Now that the pandemic is coming to an end, organizations have an important decision to make. Stick with remote working, return to the office or something in the middle.

    Leadership in a New Era
    Publish Date

    This session revealed and examined the skills needed to be an effective leader in the post-pandemic era.Greg McCann, Founder and Principal, McCann & AssociatesCourtney Pullen, M.A., President, The Pullen Consulting GroupModerated by Jill Shipley, Managing Director, Governance and Education Practice, Tiedemann Advisors