FOX 30th Anniversary Forum


Monday, Oct 28, 2019 - 03:00am
Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019 - 12:00pm

This year’s Forum marks a significant milestone as we celebrate a generation of working closely with families, family offices, and trusted advisors. Participants will gain insight directly from successful families of impact as they share their challenges and successes in bridging multiple generations. Our featured families will share stories about building resilience across generations, planning for leadership succession, and engaging family members in the process.

We will offer a wide range of interactive sessions and the opportunity to visit with old friends and network with new ones in our unique peer community. Additionally, join us for a celebratory 30th Anniversary all member dinner at Chicago’s beautiful Theater on the Lake.

“It is a great way to learn and network with other individuals and families who share in the same common struggles and triumphs. It is respectful, confidential and a great way to have many of your needs and answers addressed.”
- 2017 Forum Attendee

Who Should Attend?

Registration for the 30th Anniversary Forum is open to family members, family office executives, and trusted advisors. All registrations subject to approval by FOX.

Online registration is now closed.  If you would like to register for this event, please email

Chicago, IL
    Seminar 1: Building an Innovation Competence in Your Enterprise Family
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    Co-founder of innovation firm Doblin and a renowned innovation scientist, Larry Keeley has worked for decades to create the most effective techniques in the innovation field. His methods are used by leading firms the world over—including many of the largest family-owned and family-controlled enterprises. Larry will bring specific tools you can use to shape and sharpen your innovation thinking and plans.

    Seminar 3: Direct Investing Best Practices and Case Studies
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    Understand the good, the bad, and the promise of direct investing. Members of the FOX DIN Network will share their insights and experiences with direct investing and provide valuable lessons and best practices they have learned. This session will involve roundtable discussions of current deal activity.

    Seminar 4: Family Office Trends and Best Practices
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    This session will highlight new trends and shifts in office complexity and operations based on the recent FOX Family Office Benchmarking Survey. We will facilitate discussion among participants to help consider how to evolve services, talent, and technology.

    Seminar 5: Being an Effective Trustee and a Responsible Beneficiary
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    A trustee of family trusts must understand the legal duties and deliver them with a keen appreciation of family dynamics. We will discuss the range of trustee and beneficiary responsibilities as well as practical tips for making the trustee-beneficiary relationship work effectively. Members will share their experiences as trustees.

    Generation 1-2 Builders: Designing a Shared Vision for the Hojel Family
    Publish Date

    Ricard Hojel was a unique Mexican business owner who preferred partnership over personal control. He launched several companies in his lifetime, maneuvering past physical handicaps thanks to the tremendous support from his wife, Phyllis C. Hojel, and their four children. At the time of his death, he had an extensive network of business owner peers, oversight of a number of operating companies, and a portfolio of diverse properties. Before Ricard became ill, his oldest son, Richard C.

    Generation 2-3 Leadership Transition: From Preparation to Empowerment with the Gallardo Family
    Publish Date

    Two leaders in a Gen 3 cousin’s group from Barcelona will share their transition described as “many years in training to finally moving to the playing field” in their Enterprise Family. They will outline the triggering event for their transition, the process they went through to define their Gen 3 vision for the future together, and how they used the Strategy Committee roles to establish their credibility. They will explore today’s current leadership structure and how they are preparing the 4th generation for ownership and future leadership.

    Generation 4-7 Family Engagement: Constant Nurturing and Evolution of the Todd Family Enterprise
    Publish Date

    Representatives from a Gen 4-7 New Zealand family will share their plans for keeping 200+ family members connected and committed to the family enterprise. They will highlight their recent initiatives to foster family engagement and collaboration. The Todd family office leader will describe the changes that have occurred in the office to ensure client satisfaction and how their strategic planning process has evolved to remain relevant to the family.

    Advisor Briefing: Serving as a Catalyst for Change
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    Each business owner and business-owning family are unique, with distinct characteristics and interests. Our presenters will share insights from FOX proprietary research and their own experiences working with business owners to lead a discussion on how advisors can help families manage challenges, navigate transitions, and engage in difficult conversations more effectively. Based on insights and observations from the family stories shared throughout the day, advisors will discuss their own experiences and approaches in guiding families.

    Looking Forward: The Future of Wealth Management
    Publish Date

    Following a briefing on how technology will reshape the role of the family office and wealth advisor in the coming decade, we will hear from leaders who are on the front lines of that change. Wayne Osborne will share new insights into buying behavior among wealth owners as they come to trust, and rely on, technology. Maurizio Petta will share perspectives on how wealth management will offer a broader role for the family office to play. You will not want to miss these valuable insights into the future.

    The Future of the Family Office
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    The family office of the next decade will have the opportunity to offer a broader array of services for their family clients – from financial health, personal health and security, lifestyle management, property management, business management to risk management across all these dimensions. The talent transformation will be a critical challenge – recruiting and training staff to engage with clients in new ways and in new roles.