FOXCast CEO Series: Engaging and Preparing the Rising Gen with Mindy Kalinowski Earley

Engaging and Preparing the Rising Gen with Mindy Kalinowski Earley
Publish Date: Friday, Aug 4, 2023


Today, I sit down with our very own, Mindy Kalinowski Earley, Chief Learning Officer at FOX. Mindy leads the FOX Learning Center and is our in-house expert on all matters pertaining to family learning and rising-gen education and engagement. As one of the leading industry authorities in this field, her work is focused on helping families to be forward-thinking, cohesive, and thriving.

In this conversation, Mindy shares insights from her work with families and their rising-gen members over the past 15 years, delving into the main areas of interest, importance, and concern to younger generations within enterprise families. Rising-gen family members bring their unique perspectives into the family conversations and the enterprise strategy, and integrating these diverse worldviews and ideas is of ever-greater importance to forward-looking families.

And since the topic of the rising-gen is inextricably connected to the topic of education, Mindy talks about how the most sophisticated enterprise families are approaching education as a priority and how they are building robust learning capabilities into their strategy and their enterprise system.

Mindy also unveils some of the key learnings and themes that emerged from a recent research study FOX conducted examining the needs, aspirations, and challenges that are specific to rising-gen family members. She offers some valuable pointers as to the top opportunities for families to motivate, engage, and inspire their younger members.

Finally, Mindy provides a practical overview of the resources and tools that are available to families – both within FOX and more broadly across the industry – to develop programs, initiatives, and strategies aimed at developing, preparing, and engaging rising-gen members to become capable wealth owners, family enterprise leaders, and happy and fulfilled human beings.

Enjoy this insightful conversation with one of the most knowledgeable and best-connected experts in the field of family learning and rising-gen engagement.