FOXCast CEO Series: Engaging the Rising Gen with a Strengths-Based Approach with Kristin Keffeler

Engaging the Rising Gen with a Strengths-Based Approach with Kristin Keffeler
Publish Date: Thursday, Nov 2, 2023


This week, I have the pleasure of speaking with Kristin Keffeler, Chief Learning Officer at the Johnson Financial Group. Kristin is a celebrated author of such influential books in our industry as the recently published Wealth 3.0: The Future of Family Wealth Advising, and The Myth of the Silver Spoon: Navigating Family Wealth & Creating an Impactful Life. She is also the Dean of Family Positive Psychology at the Purposeful Planning Institute.

Kristin is passionate about the challenges and opportunities facing the rising-gen members of enterprising families, a subject she covers in depth in her influential book, The Myth of the Silver Spoon. She delves into the topic here, especially focusing on how the strengths-based approach can unlock the rising gen’s potential for success, happiness, and impact. She also describes the challenges that are potentially holding back rising-gen members and their parents – the things she calls “clutter” in her book – and offers suggestions on how to overcome them.

Kristin also talks about the core theses of her other recently released book, Wealth 3.0, which she co-authored with Jim Grubman and Dennis Jaffee. This visionary book has been widely seen as primarily focused on or aimed at the family wealth advisor profession and its impending evolution, however, Kristin talks here about the clients, the families who are served by the advisor community, and the role they too play in the Wealth 3.0 evolution. She describes how family member education, awareness, and expectations of what Wealth 3.0 is and how it should serve them are critical drivers of the coming change.

Kristin also offers some practical tips and tools for family members, including parents and the younger generations. She indicates what parents can do to enable a positive strengths-based engagement and to catalyze the evolution of their family and advisor interactions and processes toward the Wealth 3.0 model. She also outlines the opportunities for the younger generation and the role they can play to bring about and drive the positive, strengths-driven Wealth 3.0 approach of engaging with their family, the family enterprise, and the advisor ecosystem that surrounds them.

Don’t miss this engaging conversation with one of our industry’s foremost thinkers and practitioners specializing in the rising gen and their success and well-being.