FOXCast CEO Series: Exploring Cutting-Edge Long-Term Investment Themes with Scott Helfstein

Exploring Cutting-Edge Long-Term Investment Themes with Scott Helfstein
Publish Date: Thursday, Jul 20, 2023


This week, I sit down with Scott Helfstein, Head of Thematic Solutions at Global X, to discuss where the economy and markets are headed and what investment themes are emerging as the most attractive long-term bets for families and family offices to pursue. Scott offers valuable insights on the interplay between growth and value opportunities for investors, particularly for patient long-term investors, such as families, their offices, and their enterprises. He highlights the sectors that hold the most potential and shares his views on how families can best position themselves and their portfolios for long-term success and impact.

To bring the different investment themes to life, Scott describes the ecosystem of opportunities he sees across a targeted subset of attractive market sectors, which include frontier themes, such as AI, robotics, IoT, data storage, and cybersecurity, as well as exciting traditional sectors, such as infrastructure and health care. Global X is a leader and innovator in manufacturing and deploying thematic exchange traded funds (ETFs), and Scott offers his views on how family investors and family offices can best make use of ETFs as an efficient vehicle to pursue thematic investing, as well as on what to watch out for and examine when choosing ETFs for their thematic strategies.

Enjoy this insightful and instructive conversation with one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of thematic investing.

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