FOXCast CEO Series: Helping Single Clients Make the Most Important Decision with Cassindy Chao & Shannon Lundgren

Helping Single Clients Make the Most Important Decision with Cassindy Chao & Shannon Lundgren
Publish Date: Thursday, Oct 26, 2023


This week, I am thrilled to be speaking with Cassindy Chao and Shannon Lundgren, co-founders of Boutique Matchmaking, a high-end personal advisory practice that provides curated matchmaking, date coaching, and strategic consulting for multigenerational families of wealth. The fact that we are talking about high-end professional matchmaking, date coaching, and curated singles education for UHNW clients, shows just how far our field is progressing toward embracing the full spectrum of qualitative, human-capital needs, and wellbeing of our UHNW clients.

Cassindy and Shannon provide an overview of how the professional matchmaking field has evolved over the past 10-20 years, and how this highly consequential service is gradually maturing from being shrouded in stigma and mystery to being professionalized, supported by research and best practices, and provided by professionally trained and sophisticated advisors and consultants.

Many of the qualitative wellbeing topics in our field are still considered somewhat sensitive, controversial, or even taboo for families and advisors to engage in openly and professionally, and romantic coaching and matchmaking services are right up there on the list of difficult or hush-hush topics. Cassindy and Shannon shed some light on the challenges and risk these stigmas create for single UHNW clients, their families, and their family enterprises.

The co-founders of Boutique Matchmaking dip into their rich experience and share some of the most common client situations they face. They also offer many practical tips and suggestions for UHNW clients who are either starting for the first time to look for a life partner or are thinking of reentering the dating scene later in their life.

Nowadays, it is increasingly likely for wealth advisors, family office executives, and other trusted professionals who surround and serve the family to be exposed to the personal and even romantic aspects of their clients’ lives. We have had instances within the FOX community where family office professionals have had to deal with challenging situations involving romantic fraud, dating-app etiquette, and other “non-traditional” family wellbeing topics. Cassindy and Shannon offer some advice for professional advisors and family office employees who find themselves involved in and have to navigate well these sensitive areas and moments in their principals’ lives.

Please enjoy this unique and eye-opening conversation with two of the trailblazers of professional matchmaking, date coaching, and romantic consulting. Cassindy and Shannon, and their firm Boutique Matchmaking, have just recently joined the FOX community as official marketing partners, and we are proud to offer their expertise and thought leadership to our members.