FOXCast CEO Series: Maximizing the Return on Your Time Capital Investments with John Coyle

Maximizing the Return on Your Time Capital Investments with John Coyle
Publish Date: Thursday, Nov 16, 2023


I am pleased to welcome John Coyle, CEO and Founder of Speaking Design Thinking, to FOXCast. John is a sought-after keynote speaker, best-selling author, and former Olympic medalist in speedskating. Known as #TheTimeGuy, he is a thought leader in the field of chronoception – the study of how humans process time.

John talks about the brain science of chronoception, unpacking the intricacies of how we perceive and interact with time. He argues that “there is no such thing as chronological time”, shattering some commonly held beliefs about time as a concept and introducing a lot more complexity and nuance to our relationship with time.

Jonh has formulated the Three Laws of Experiential Time, and he discusses how they work and what their implications are for those of us seeking to maximize our return on this most precious and finite asset. He shares a number of practical applications of his Three Laws and offers suggestions to leaders of families and enterprises for how they can better manage their time capital and achieve better return on time invested by understanding and applying these fundamental laws.

John also introduces the concept of the Time Investment Portfolio that helps families and family office professionals understand and manage the interplay between quantity and quality of time spent and thus maximize what he refers to as the “memory value of time”.

Don’t miss this fascinating, mind-bending, and yet, highly practical conversation with #TheTimeGuy – one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on time capital.