FOXCast CEO Series: Professionalizing the Family Office with Topnotch Talent with Paul Westall and Tayyab Mohamed

Professionalizing the Family Office with Topnotch Talent with Paul Westall & Tayyab Mohamed
Publish Date: Thursday, Oct 19, 2023


This week, I am speaking with Paul Westall and Tayyab Mohamed, co-founders of Agreus group, a resourcing and recruitment consultancy dedicated to working exclusively with family offices. Paul and Tayyab share their insights into the unique needs of family offices related to recruiting, developing, and retaining talent, and examine how well these needs are being met by the broader ecosystem of traditional and boutique recruiting firms.

Having witnessed the evolution of family offices and the substantial changes that have reshaped the sector over the past 13 years, Paul and Tayyab comment on the most significant trends that are impacting the human capital needs and practices of family enterprises and family offices today – the most significant one being the increased professionalization of the family office operations and governance.

With increased demand for highly skilled talent, family offices are having to figure out how to compete with larger corporations and private equity firms to attract topnotch professionals, how to compensate and motivate them, and how to offer a compelling career path and incentive plans to ensure their long-term retention and engagement. Paul and Tayyab offer practical tips for family offices looking to upgrade and upskill their talent in a number of important and competitive technical areas. They also provide some ideas and guidance for family offices that are actively weighing whether to hire in-house or outsource some of their critical functions.

Please enjoy this instructive conversation with two of the best-recognized specialty recruiters serving the global family office community.