FOXCast CEO Series: Rationalizing the Family Investment Portfolio with Dan Tarlas

Rationalizing the Family Investment Portfolio with Dan Tarlas
Publish Date: Friday, Aug 18, 2023


I am speaking today with Dan Tarlas, Senior Managing Director at Asset Consulting Group (ACG) – a seasoned investment consultant who has provided comprehensive investment expertise to multigenerational families for over 30 years. Dan, along with his firm, ACG, is also a long-time member of the FOX Thought Leaders Council.

Dan and ACG have worked with numerous enterprise families over the decades, and he shares the insights he has accumulated on the opportunities families have to optimize the returns and costs of their investment portfolios. Often families’ portfolios have been constructed, or in many cases merely accumulated, over time without an overarching strategy or comprehensive oversight, and thus there are redundancies and inefficiencies that are weighing on the net returns.

The opportunities to optimize are not just limited to the costs and returns of the family portfolio but also extend to the risk side. For many families, there are risks inherent in their investment portfolios that they may not even be aware of or are managing sub-optimally. Dan talks about the concept of the family having and managing an “investment program”, rather than just an “investment portfolio”, and how that approach can be essential for optimizing their typically fragmented public investments.

With many enterprise families being very active in private equity and direct investing, Dan also shares his experience helping them and their family offices better understand, manage, and optimize the family’s growing and increasingly complex portfolios of private investments.

Enjoy this enlightening and practical conversation with one of the most experienced and prominent investment consultants in the FOX community who has spent the better part of the last 30 years helping and advising multigenerational families.