FOXCast CEO Series: Readying Future Generations Amidst Constant Change with Joline Godfrey

Readying Future Generations Amidst Constant Change with Joline Godfrey
Publish Date: Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

I am absolutely delighted to speak today with Joline Godfrey, highly respected family advisor, educator, and author of many books, including the all-time classic “Raising Financially Fit Kids”. In 1992, Joline founded An Income of Her Own, the first non-profit focused exclusively on financial education for girls and women, and subsequently started Independent Means Inc. to provide financial education to girls and boys, which was acquired in 2015. She is now the Founder of Bounce10, a brand-new startup financial parenting platform offering highly bespoke financial education to families.

Joline has been a pioneer and industry trailblazer in the field of family education, especially in helping families prepare and equip their rising generations with the life skills and financial fluency required for them to be successful. In this episode, she shares her views on the current state of how ready and prepared families feel to cope with the future and the constant change they face and offers some valuable and practical learning and engagement tools.

Joline shares her unique insights from working with the youngest family members, those in their 20s and younger, and talks about the unique challenges Gen Z family members face today and how are they different from what young people in prior generations have had to contend with throughout history. Given the unprecedented disruptions young people face today, Joline offers some practical and important steps families can, and must, take to help ready their future generations and highlights some of the best tools, frameworks, or solutions families can utilize to educate and inspire their young members.

Finally, since nowadays families rely on an ever-growing constellation of family wealth advisors to accomplish their goals, Joline provides some suggestions and ideas for family advisors, many of whom come from deeply technical and quantitative disciplines. She shares her ideas on how advisors can be more supportive and relevant to their clients by helping the families they serve better prepare, educate, and engage their younger family members for the uncertainties of the future.

Enjoy this fascinating conversation with our industry’s best known and highly regarded pioneer of family learning and rising-gen education.