FOXCast CEO Series: Recognizing Integrated Wealth Management with Wally Head

Recognizing Integrated Wealth Management with Wally Head
Publish Date: Friday, Jul 28, 2023


This week, I am speaking with Wally Head, founder and principal of Personal Fiduciary Advisors, LLC, founding board member and treasurer of the UHNW Institute, and good friend and former President of FOX. The topic of our conversation is hot in our industry and of great consequence to multigenerational enterprise families – the emergence and importance of integrated wealth advisors.

Wally offers an instructive overview of the definition and role of an integrated wealth advisor, as well as the value of this most advanced discipline of family wealth advice. He describes this emerging discipline in the context of the evolution of the wealth management field and the rise of “Wealth 3.0” as the new paradigm for serving multigenerational families of wealth – a topic I recently discussed with Dr. Jim Grubman.

We explore why and how clients should think about and seek out integrated wealth advisors, what to expect from them, and how to distinguish the truly legitimate integrated wealth firms and practitioners from the inflated marketing claims in the market.

Wally also outlines the challenges and opportunities wealth management firms and providers face as they look to evolve into true integrated wealth advisors and the capabilities they need to build or acquire as they seek to elevate their talent, their processes, and their business models to deliver on their clients’ ever-rising needs and expectations for integrated wealth advice and holistic wealth management.

Enjoy this insightful conversation with one of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the family wealth space.