FOXCast CEO Series: Steering Your Private Aviation Program Successfully with Vincent Kavanagh

Steering Your Private Aviation Program Successfully with Vincent Kavanagh
Publish Date: Thursday, Nov 9, 2023


This week, I’m speaking with Vincent Kavanagh, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales at Four Corners Aviation. Vincent has nearly 20 years of experience serving the aviation needs of UHNW clients in Europe and the US. Vincent and his firm, Four Corners Aviation, are a Specialist Advisor member at FOX and an active and generous contributor to the FOX community.

Vincent offers an overview of the macro trends and developments that have been shaping the private aviation space in the past couple of decades. He describes how products and offerings have evolved, and explains how technology and business model innovations, as well as changing client needs and behaviors, have advanced the private aviation industry.

Vincent offers practical tips for clients who fly private, starting with those who are experienced with private aviation, including families or enterprise leaders who already own and operate aircraft or are active users of fractional and other shared solutions. He also provides many invaluable suggestions for those who are just starting out in this complex and technical space – especially families, family offices, and business owners who are considering or evaluating private aviation solutions.

Enjoy this conversation with one of the leading private aviation experts in the FOX community and the very helpful insights he shares relating to this niche and specialized UHNW service sector.