FOXCast CEO Series: Advancing Human Well-Being Through Palliative Care with Laura Dale-Harris

Advancing Human Well-Being Through Palliative Care with Laura Dale-Harris
Publish Date: Thursday, Jan 18, 2024


This week, I have the pleasure of speaking with Laura Dale-Harris, Founder of Global Treehouse Foundation, a unique nonprofit organization, established by a prominent European enterprise family – Isabella Seragnolli’s family in Bologna, Italy – and dedicated to improving access to pediatric palliative care for children around the world.

Laura talks about the origins and mission of Global Treehouse Foundation, which is a great case study for a mission-driven philanthropic foundation that was born out of a family’s own vision and value system and was spun out from the family office. Laura shares some insights about this process of creating a new and separate non-profit organization that first originated inside the family office.

Laura then delves into the incredible work of the Global Treehouse Foundation, bringing the topic of palliative – or end-of-life – care into focus. Like so many qualitative, human topics that are of such great importance and consequence in the lives of families and their family members, the topic of death and end-of-life care is often treated as taboo and even avoided. The topic rarely enters families’ conversations pertaining to wealth planning and well-being. Laura gives an overview of the current state of palliative care – how it is understood, how it is practiced, and what attitudes and resources currently exist for families.

Unfortunately, dealing with death and end-of-life care is something all families have to deal with in one way or another, and as with anything else, it’s better to be prepared than not. Laura offers her advice for families who are dealing with an end-of-life situation, either within their own family or in their immediate community and recommends some practical tips on how to be aware of and potentially seek out palliative care resources and help.

Finally, Laura provides some guidance for families who want to help others in their community or more broadly in the world gain understanding and access to palliative care, outlining different ways families can support and promote this cause of making palliative care broadly available around the world to all people who need it.

Don’t miss this important, enlightening, and moving conversation with one of the world’s leading experts in and champions of end-of-life care.