FOXCast CEO Series: Building Intergenerational Bridges Within an Enterprise Family with Danielle Oristian York

Building Intergenerational Bridges Within an Enterprise Family with Danielle Oristian York
Publish Date: Thursday, Apr 4, 2024


Today, I am delighted to welcome Danielle Oristian York, Executive Director and President of 21/64, a nonprofit practice serving next-gen and multigenerational families. She is an expert facilitator, trainer, and keynote speaker, and has been a consistent leader in the field, spending 18 years helping families, leaders, and communities have complicated conversations about change, identity, and the future. Danielle is a member of the Collaboration for Flourishing Families and the Professional Advisors Committee at The Boston Foundation.

In her 20-year career of working with enterprising families, one of the critical challenges Danielle has seen them struggle with is making decisions together effectively, especially as the number of family members grows. She discusses this challenge and how she sees it manifested among the families she advises and trains.

She also talks about her non-profit organization, 21/64, its origins, and the meaning and purpose embedded in its name – a reference to the two most important milestones in the lives of most people. She describes the bridge, or the “third space”, that she and her colleagues pride themselves for being able to build between generations who often are very far apart. She elaborates on this concept, defines what “third space” means, and describes how it works to connect and unify the generations within a family.

Danielle then delves into many of the practical tools and approaches she teaches and applies with families who are on their multigenerational journey and looking to become more cohesive, more united, and more effective. She also shares her insights into the applied skills, frameworks, and tools she teaches or recommends to family advisors and other professionals serving the family who attend the various 21/64 training and educational programs.

Please enjoy this instructive conversation with one of the most skilled and recognized family engagement and education professionals in our space.