FOXCast CEO Series: Charting the Family’s Course to Creating a Family Office with Peter Vogel

Charting the Family’s Course to Creating a Family Office with Peter Vogel
Publish Date: Thursday, Apr 18, 2024


Today, I am pleased to welcome Peter Vogel, Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship and holder of the Debiopharm Chair for Family Philanthropy at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is also the Director of the Global Family Business Center and the Global Family Business Award and founder and Chairman of Delta Venture Partners and an Associate Partner of the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group. Peter works with families, owners, boards, and executives of family enterprises and family offices around the world, focusing on transformations, governance, ownership and leadership succession, entrepreneurship, wealth management, and establishing professional boards and leadership teams.

Peter has dedicated his distinguished career to serving multigenerational enterprise families and he shares some of the major themes and most common challenges that families are facing, both historically and right now. Peter is the author of two celebrated books: Family Philanthropy Navigator and the recently published Family Office Navigator. He describes the purpose behind these books and how they are addressing the challenges confronting enterprising families today.

For multigenerational families focused on either creating or operating their family office, Peter offers some of the practical tools and frameworks detailed in his new book. He unpacks the “Five Stone Model,” which is introduced early in the book, and explains the concept behind this model and how families should think about or apply it to their family enterprises. He also outlines the “Family Office Strategy House” framework, which serves as the backbone of several highly instructive chapters of his book, and delves into the practical aspects of this framework, covering what its uses are and how families and family office executives can utilize it to organize their thinking, design, and planning related to their family office.

This is a must-hear conversation with one of the world's most renowned academics, practitioners, and thought leaders in the family business and family office space.