FOXCast CEO Series: Discovering the Power of a Whole Family Advisory Relationship with Richard Orlando

Discovering the Power of a Whole Family Advisory Relationship with Richard Orlando
Publish Date: Thursday, Feb 8, 2024


Today, I am delighted to speak with Dr. Richard Orlando, Founder of Legacy Capitals, a leading provider of training, coaching, and consulting services on topics such as wealth and values transfer, preparing the rising generation, family governance, legacy planning, and family philanthropy to financially successful families & family businesses, wealth advisors, family offices, and financial institutions. Richard is an approved instructor for the Investments & Wealth Institute’s Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA) Certification Program, a faculty member of the UHNW Institute, holds a certificate in family wealth advising from the Family Firm Institute, and is certified as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation’s accredited program.

In his practice serving UHNW clients, Richard uses the terms “love your client” and “whole family advisory” to describe his approach and philosophy of working with families of wealth. He explains what he means by these terms and shares his definition of a whole family advisor. Richard and his firm work with both family clients and their trusted advisors, and he talks about how this “whole family advisor” mindset impacts both sides of this professional relationship. He unpacks what families need to know about finding and working with a whole family advisor and what advisors need to know and do to become one.

In his book, Legacy: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions, Richard outlines and explores the five most important family wealth questions, or decisions, that directly impact families and their legacies. He delves into these five questions and explains how families and advisors should make practical use of them. Richard also shares several legacy tools – for facilitating meetings, communicating effectively, planning, etc. – that he utilizes in his work with clients and offers some tips on how family principals and family advisors can best make use of them.

Please enjoy this highly instructive conversation with a longtime practitioner and leading coach and educator in the family wealth and well-being space.