FOXCast CEO Series: Equipping the Rising-Gen with the Skills and Tools to Flourish

Equipping the Rising-Gen with the Skills and Tools to Flourish with Ella Chase
Publish Date: Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024


Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Ella Chase, co-founder of Wellth Works, an executive coaching and leadership company for wealth inheritors and future family leaders. Ella is herself a 7th-generation family member of a 100-year family, and has seen the burdens and blessings of complex, multi-generational family enterprises. She is a dynamic and innovative speaker, facilitator, and mentor, and a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, and organizational turnaround.

Ella talks about the macro context within which she and her business, Wellth Works, currently operate. Multigenerational families are in a unique moment in history, and a lot is going to change as vast amounts of wealth transition in the coming couple of decades, and Ella shares the perspectives of a G7 wealth inheritor on how the next 10-20 years are likely to unfold and why it is important to focus on preparing the rising-gen of enterprise families.

The needs, challenges, and opportunities facing next-gen members of multigenerational families are very unique and often not fully understood – maybe even misunderstood. Ella discusses the challenges rising-gen members are facing and the stereotypes, assumptions, and misconceptions they have to deal with and overcome to become fulfilled, thriving family members and leaders.

In her work coaching rising-gen leaders, Ella uses a number of methods and frameworks she has developed. One such tool is the Decision-Making Matrix to get clients unstuck and to unlock paralysis. Ella delves into how families can apply this practical framework to their unique situations. She also emphasizes the importance of developing key skills and a support community of peers and experts and shares her practical tips and tools for rising-gen members who are either feeling stuck or who want to maximize their leadership potential and personal wellbeing.

Enjoy this illuminating and instructive conversation with a uniquely positioned and qualified expert and practitioner in the space of helping families and their rising generations achieve success and wellbeing.