Extracting a Wealth of Knowledge from Inheritor Stories with Joe Reilly

Extracting a Wealth of Knowledge from Inheritor Stories with Joe Reilly
Publish Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024


Today, I am delighted to welcome Joe Reilly, CEO and Founder of Circulus Group. Joe is the host of two popular and influential podcasts in the family office and family wealth space: the Private Capital Podcast and the Inheritance Podcast. He is a longtime strategy consultant and family office expert, specializing in advising asset and wealth managers on their allocations, technology, and operations. Joe was the co-founder and founding president of the Family Office Association, and he is currently a director of The Inheritance Project, a non-profit that shares stories of inheritors.

As one of the leaders of The Inheritance Project, which is dedicated to telling the stories of wealth inheritors and exploring the emotional and social impact of wealth, Joe talks about the purpose and motivations behind this undertaking. Based on conversations with inheritors and his work with families of wealth, he provides a glimpse into the most dominant themes he encounters – the top issues, challenges, or opportunities that emerge from speaking with these wealth owners.

Joe offers a set of practical suggestions and advice for wealth owners and family members extracted from the different family stories he has encountered over the years, listing some useful tools and frameworks he has seen being successfully utilized by family leaders and family members. He also delves into the role of the advisors serving the family and shares some of the success stories and highly effective methods, tools, and tactics best-in-class family wealth advisors apply in their work with multigenerational families and wealth inheritors.

Please enjoy this highly informative conversation with one of the long-time thought leaders and practitioners in the private capital and family wealth space.