FOXCast CEO Series: Guiding Enterprise Families to Success and Longevity with Raul Serebrenik

Guiding Enterprise Families to Success and Longevity with Raul Serebrenik
Publish Date: Thursday, May 9, 2024


Today, I am delighted to welcome Raul Serebrenik, Founder of Family Enterprise Consulting International Group. Raul is an adviser, researcher, speaker, and author with extensive expertise in family businesses, entrepreneurial family dynasties, family legacy, continuity, and wealth. Raul is also a good friend and collaborator of FOX, and he is a team member of the FOX Caricol Local Chapter serving families in Colombia and the Caribbean.

Raul’s work with families often involves the topic of longevity of the family enterprise, focusing on the learnings from and characteristics of families that last and flourish for generations, and sometimes centuries. He shares his observations of what it means – and what it takes – to achieve longevity of the family, the family business, and the family’s broader enterprise activities.

Raul then defines the role of the family office in this journey (assuming the family has one) and shares his views on how families should leverage their family office and other enterprise resources in their journey to success and longevity.

On the practical side, Raul offers some of the tools (such as diagnostics and roadmaps) families can utilize to chart their course to achieving long-term success and longevity as a family enterprise. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of implementation – there is no long-term success without implementation, even if there is a compelling shared vision. Raul provides some useful tips and suggestions for families on how to successfully implement their multigenerational enterprise vision and plan.

This is a must-hear conversation with one of the most decorated and recognized international experts in the field of family wealth, family business, and family enterprise continuity and sustainability.