FOXCast CEO Series: Helping Enterprise Families Discover and Realize Their Central Purpose with Aggie Johnson

Helping Enterprise Families Discover and Realize Their Central Purpose with Aggie Johnson
Publish Date: Thursday, Feb 1, 2024


This week, I have the pleasure of speaking with Aggie Johnson, founder and owner of WillKate, a family enterprise consultancy firm serving the full scope of issues and challenges that families of wealth face. A G3 enterprise family member herself, Aggie knows first-hand what it takes to create and sustain a thriving family and family enterprise.

Aggie shares her definition of a family enterprise and the unique challenges and opportunities enterprise families face. She describes how the complex needs of enterprise families necessitate a broader view of wealth and a multidisciplinary approach to advising and coaching their family members. She then introduces the “6-element focus,” a framework of wealth she uses in her practice with UHNW clients and explains how this multifaceted definition of wealth can help clients cultivate and strengthen their various types of family capital.

One practical approach Aggie deploys with her clients is to help them discover and focus on, what she refers to, as their “central purpose.” Aggie unpacks the meaning of this concept and how families can use it to become stronger and attain their strategic goals.

Another practice Aggie recommends is for family members and leaders to use introspection and working on yourself as a path to achieving greater unity, communicating and relating better, and overcoming the challenges of difficult and emotional family situations and transitions. She delves into the practical aspects of this approach, its importance, and practical applications.

Please enjoy this insightful conversation with one of the highly experienced and credentialed family practitioners within the FOX community, who generously shares the lessons of her own experience as a rising gen leader of her family enterprise.