FOXCast CEO Series: Leveraging Capitalism as a Force for Good with Michael Whelchel

Leveraging Capitalism as a Force for Good with Michael Whelchel
Publish Date: Thursday, Jun 27, 2024


Today, I am pleased to welcome Michael Whelchel, Founder and CEO of Big Path Capital, a boutique investment bank working with positive impact companies and funds and pursuing a mission to challenge the status quo and raise the expectations of capitalism. Prior to founding Big Path, Micheal had 15-year career in private equity holding leadership positions at several firms, including Morris Capital Management and Stony Point Group.

We start by discussing the big idea behind Michael’s work – what he calls “leveraging capitalism”. Michael explains what that means, elaborating on the challenges and the opportunities he sees with how capitalism operates today and how it could or should operate.

Michael founded Big Path Capital to advance this vision for the future of capitalism. He talks about how his firm differs from other investment intermediaries, how he sees his purpose and mission in the marketplace, and what he is doing to advance this mission and achieve his vision for capitalism.

For families, family offices, and other private capital investors in the marketplace who are interested in embracing impact investing as a superior way of deploying capital, Michael offers a number of practical tips to get them started on the right path. He also describes how families can get engaged in this mission by attending the annual Impact Capitalism Summit he and his firm host in Nantucket each year. Michael shares an overview of this unique event and provides suggestions for how family members and family offices who are active investors can get involved, contribute to, and benefit from this gathering.

Enjoy this informative conversation with one of the most active and innovative champions of impact capitalism in the private capital space.