FOXCast CEO Series: Managing Mental Wellness While Creating a Sustaining Family Culture with Dr. Jesse Viner & Dr. Bryn Jessup

Managing Mental Wellness While Creating a Sustaining Family Culture with Dr. Jesse Viner & Dr. Bryn Jessup
Publish Date: Wednesday, Dec 20, 2023


This week, it is my pleasure to speak with Dr. Jesse Viner, CEO & Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Bryn Jessup, Director of Family Services & Systems at Yellowbrick, a leading resource and national referral center serving enterprise families and providing mental health services and psychiatric treatment of troubled emerging adults. Jesse and Bryn, and their firm Yellowbrick, have been a resource partner and now specialty advisor member of the FOX community, bringing their unique expertise and thought leadership to our members.

Mental health as a topic has not traditionally been part of the professional family wealth management discourse, and in fact has often been shrouded in stigma, swept under the rug, and left to families to deal with on their own. As mental health professionals for nearly 4 decades, Jesse and Bryn have witnessed the transformation of the field firsthand, and they share their views on the relevance of mental health to enterprising families of wealth.

Mental health issues are challenging for everyone, but UHNW families are presented with a unique set of challenges and pain points when it comes to the mental wellbeing of their family members. Jesse and Bryn talk about the unique mental health burdens and challenges faced by UHNW families and offer some practical considerations and best practices pertaining to how families can approach the mental health and wellbeing of their family members in a proactive and positive way that builds a safe and supportive family culture.

Jesse and Bryn also offer their advice for families who are facing a mental health concern, challenge, or even a crisis, and recommend a number of practical tips, resources, and steps for families struggling with a mental health issue.

You would not want to miss this unique and deeply relevant conversation on a highly consequential, yet often neglected, topic with two of the foremost mental health thought leaders and practitioners working with UHNW families.