FOXCast CEO Series: Offering the Family World-Class Coverage via an Insurance Captive with Ryan Harding & Jennifer Allen

Offering the Family World-Class Coverage via an Insurance Captive with Ryan Harding & Jennifer Allen
Publish Date: Thursday, May 16, 2024


Today, it is my pleasure to speak with Ryan Harding and Jennifer Allen. Ryan is the President of Garden Trust Company and the Managing Director of the IFO Group, the family office of the Ilitch family of Detroit, MI, founders of Little Caesar’s Pizza, one of the world's largest pizza chains. Jennifer is the Director of Insurance & Risk Solutions for the IFO and is responsible for Tenda, a captive insurance company established by the Ilitch Family Office.

The insurance industry is experiencing significant disruptions and undergoing a fundamental transformation, and Ryan and Jennifer share their observations on the current insurance landscape and how the industry and the solutions it provides have evolved in recent years.

Most family enterprises are complex systems of people and entities that have unique, and often esoteric, risk management and insurance needs. Ryan and Jennifer shed light on the unique needs of enterprise families and their family offices and offer their views on how well the insurance industry is currently able to cater to these needs.

For the unique needs of their family, the IFO Group concluded that establishing a captive insurance company is the right solution that best serves the family and its enterprise and provides the best protection and benefits to the family members and other constituents within the enterprise. As a result, they created Tenda, their insurance captive, that provides a range of insurance products, including best-in-class, accessible, and affordable health insurance to family members and family office employees.

Ryan and Jennifer provide a quick “Insurance Captives 101,” covering some of the basics, such as what are captives, how do they work, and why are they an attractive option for family enterprises. They also describe how other enterprise families or family offices can take advantage of the unique solutions provided by Tenda or pursue other similar offerings in the marketplace.

Do not miss this highly relevant and in-depth conversation with two of the most sophisticated risk management thought leaders and practitioners in the family enterprise and family office space.