FOXCast CEO Series: Paving Humanity’s Path to a Golden Civilization with George Kinder

Paving Humanity’s Path to a Golden Civilization with George Kinder
Publish Date: Thursday, Feb 29, 2024


This week, I am pleased to welcome George Kinder, Founder and President of The Kinder Institute of Life Planning. George is a renowned author, international thought leader, and life planning pioneer who over the past 35 years has spearheaded the financial planning movement within the financial service industry. George is also a longtime mindfulness practitioner and teacher, and author of the visionary mindfulness book, A Golden Civilization & The Map of Mindfulness.

As he has done before in his life and career, George is now spearheading a new movement and a vision for a future social contract between all institutions and our society, which he refers to as “Fiduciary in All Things” (or FIAT). He describes this simple but groundbreaking concept, outlining how it works, what its benefits are, and what changes need to take place for this vision to be realized.

George has a unique perspective on the psychology of money, and in his work with financial advisors and planners, he talks about the “Three Domains of Freedom.” He elaborates on this concept and how it applies to the work of families and their family offices to manage their wealth and the resources of the family enterprise.

As one of the leading pioneers of the life planning movement that swept the financial services industry over the past couple of decades, George offers some practical financial life planning tips for family leaders, family office executives, and family wealth advisors. And as a 50-year mindfulness veteran and accomplished mindfulness teacher, he shares some suggestions for both UHNW family clients and their wealth advisors on how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives and work, and why.

Enjoy this uniquely rich conversation with one of the leading pioneers of financial life planning and foremost authorities on mindfulness and living a peaceful and meaningful life.