FOXCast CEO Series: Securing Top-Quality Medical Care for Family Members with Leslie Michelson

Securing Top-Quality Medical Care for Family Members with Leslie Michelson
Publish Date: Thursday, Feb 15, 2024


This week, I’m speaking with Leslie Michelson, Chairman and Co-Founder of Private Health Management (PHM). PHM is a clinically sophisticated complex care management company, specializing in assisting clients to obtain the best care and outcomes when facing serious and complex medical conditions. Before founding PHM, Leslie was the CEO and Vice Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and he’s the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Patient’s Playbook. Leslie, and his firm PHM, are marketing partners of FOX and valuable contributors of unique, expertise to our member community, and we are thrilled to offer their specialized knowledge and thought leadership to our members.

Leslie shares his reflections, based on his decades of experience, on how UHNW clients, who ostensibly have the resources to afford any level of service and care, still find it a challenge to gain access to and receive good medical care. He also points to a unique and intriguing aspect of being a client or advisor in the family wealth space – which is that clients in this niche corner of the wealth management industry are families, and as such, they share common heritage and genetics. And that is important for families and family leaders to know as they seek to improve the collective health and well-being of their family members.

Leslie offers some practical tips and suggestions for UHNW clients who are facing or dealing with a serious diagnosis, condition, or illness in the family, and provides a simple and time-tested recipe for the steps should they take and the resources they should seek out. He also has some sound advice and useful resources for families whose members are blessed with good health at present, but the family and the family leaders wish to be proactive and better prepared for all eventualities and for any medical situations or emergencies family members may face.

Don’t miss this highly practical conversation with one of the long-time thought leaders and practitioners in the health and wellness profession focused on serving UHNW families and all their members.