Private Investors

Families without a family office

When families accumulate enough wealth that it requires serious management, they often turn to FOX

Do any of these considerations apply to you?

Your wealth may have come from the operation or sale of a business, an inheritance, successful investing, or a lifetime of achievement.

You realize that the management of the money has to be a primary focus for someone – either you, the owner of the wealth, or someone you hire.

You realize you have more money than you will spend in a lifetime and need to do some important goal setting, undertake some serious estate and tax planning, and consider fundamental philanthropic planning.

You need a plan for informing the next generation about the wealth and the impact on lifestyle, values, and motivation. You need to begin educating them about how to manage the money themselves or how to select and manage advisors.

FOX can help

Many individuals come to FOX to find a group of peers who understand what they are dealing with – who can appreciate the issues, share experiences, and get pointers on approaches, advisors, and structures.

Others come for insights on best practices to make these tasks more efficient and the approach more sure-footed.

Still others come to FOX to determine the right approach for them:

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