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leafplanner collects, organizes and connects the disparate parts of life in a unique leafplan to serve as a roadmap for a family. By identifying, aggregating, and communicating the intricacies of a family enterprise with family members and advisors, leafplanner enables families to apply a holistic perspective to their communication, decision-making, and education. In addition to identifying blind spots and educating family members and advisors, leafplanner facilitates a more seamless succession of information critical to the success of a family's legacy.

leafplanner is charting new territory as it establishes itself at the intersection of WealthTech, professional services technology, and family office management to enable families of wealth to be better educated, engaged, and prepared. Having productized over three decades of wealth advisory and risk management expertise, leafplanner’s software platform enables clients to collect, organize, and map a family’s and family enterprise’s information, allowing a family to identify blind spots, 
take proactive and corrective actions, and be better prepared, resulting in an effective, comprehensive, and efficient succession and succession of information.

Providing a comprehensive, holistic view of a family and family enterprise, and consideration of a multitude of factors is usually a Top 3 purpose and goal of any family office. Families and family offices want to give and receive holistic advice. In philosophy, ‘holistic’ is said to mean “something characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”. This is an admirable goal but is exceptionally difficult to deliver.

leafplanner was designed from the ground up with this problem and goal in mind – to develop a tool that would help a family and family office identify blind spots, educate, engage, and empower family members, and provide for a succession of information in a way that has rarely been accomplished. The result is a leafplan – a family owner’s manual; a single-source of information that brings disparate sources together to truly mind-map the family and family enterprise relationships, structures, data, context, and more. A comprehensive leafplan solves for the multitude of advisors, the different roles and responsibilities of various parties, and the plethora of existing technologies across which data and information is captured and managed in today’s complex family and family office ecosystem. The leafplan ensures better access to information; provides a tool for family meeting facilitation enhances family engagement; augments a formal family education program; allows a family and family office to run various ‘fire drills’ or risk assessments; and provides a complete onboarding experience for new family members, family office staff, and advisers.

To accomplish these goals, leafplanner takes a multidisciplinary approach, creates an infrastructure for an ever-changing, dynamic system, and ties information together in a truly relational manner.

This process allows us to move beyond the what and where to the how and why.

By providing a family-facing single source of information, leafplanner brings peace of mind, education, engagement and empowerment to members of the family, and a much-needed tool to the family office to better deliver on the promise and goals for which the office was designed.

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