Wealth Advisor Benchmarking

Is your wealth advisory business optimized for success?  How do you stack up against other firms on key factors necessary for success in a constantly evolving, highly competitive environment? 
FOX Wealth Advisor Benchmarking – the industry’s longest running, most in-depth, annual study of the wealth advisor model – can help you answer these important questions.

Areas of Benchmarking Focus

In addition to key metrics such as asset size, revenues, expenses, and pricing structure, the annual survey explores key strategic areas such as:
  • Regulatory compliance – How are firms staying ahead of the curve in an increased regulatory climate?
  • Technology – In what operational areas is the benefits of technology being leveraged the most?
  • Data security – What are firms doing to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals?
  • Client satisfaction & experience – What tools are firms utilizing to stay on top of their client experience?
The only way to gain access to valuable insights that will help you understand how you are performing versus the industry is to complete the annual survey.  Only firms that participate in the full survey will receive a report of the final results.

Who Should Participate?

FOX invites any firm that provides a combination of planning and investment advisory services to ultra-wealthy firms to participate in benchmarking. All firms should serve more than one unrelated family group and should be for-profit.  This includes both registered investment firms, private banks with an ultra-high-net-worth platform, trust companies and other financial services firm.  Where necessary, FOX will adjust its reporting and analysis to reflect meaningful business model differences. 

How to Participate?

FOX members are invited to participate in this survey via email. If you are interested and haven’t received an invitation this year, please contact your relationship manager.  
If you are not a member and would like to know more, please call 312-327-1200 or email us.

Survey Commitment and Support

  • Participation will likely require no more than 2-3 hours of total staff time--a reasonable investment for the invaluable information you get in return.
  • FOX encourages members to complete all portions of the survey. Where necessary, FOX will accept partial responses.
  • FOX staff are on standby to support survey completions. Please call 312-327-1200 or email us if you require assistance.

Data Security and Confidentiality

The privacy of survey data shared with FOX is paramount. In addition to a secure online registration process and transport layer security (TLS) encryption, all survey responses are reported in aggregate form only to protect the privacy of respondents. To learn more, please read the FOX Data Security and Confidentiality Statement.