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Introducing FOX

FOX is a global community of wealthy families and their advisors, pursuing best practices for optimal family legacy wealth management.

What We're Known For

Over the years, FOX research has focused on key topics that form the background of modern family office management.

Our History

Sara Hamilton founded FOX in 1989 as a peer network for families seeking an objective financial education about passing wealth successfully to future generations.

The FOX Team and Areas of Expertise

The leaders of the FOX community, contributing their experience and expertise to advancing the skills of our members.

Careers at Family Office Exchange

FOX is a great place to work for professionals with an interest in advancing the practice of wealth management worldwide.


FOX conducts the only comprehensive benchmarking in the industry with separate studies for single family offices and multi-family offices.

FOX Business Advisory Board

The Board provides strategic counsel to Founder and CEO Sara Hamilton on defining the vision for the future to encompass the evolving needs of families and how they build their enterprises.

Press Center

Look here for copies of FOX press releases, stories about FOX in the News, and our media kit.


If you are trying to contact us or are coming to a meeting, here is information about our offices.

The FOX Membership Experience

FOX provides a community for networking, objective guidance, and continuous learning.
Gain from the collective intelligence gathered over 30 years.