Family Office Executives

The backbone of FOX membership

Family office executives belong to FOX to help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently

Family office executives take advantage of the FOX library of research, pick the brains of peers they meet at FOX events, and get guidance from FOX managers on issues they are facing. 

Facing New Situations

A quick check of the FOX Knowledge Center can provide a good rundown of factors to consider and resources to use such as case studies, checklists, industry articles, FOX research, and meeting presentations and videos.

Keeping up to Date

FOX keeps you stay up to date with webinars featuring leading experts on topics such as wealth preservation, investment strategy, office operations, family governance, regulatory developments, and tax law changes. FOX newsletters, forums, workshops, and regional meetings all relate the latest findings from FOX research and insights.

Maintaining a Personal Edge

Nothing helps more than challenging questions from your peers at a FOX event or council meeting. Dig deeper at a FOX workshop or join a webinar to get new ideas which expand your thinking. Most events also provide CPE credit.

Participation in the FOX network also helps you know your peers and stay current on the best advisors.

Demonstrating the Office’s Value

Every family office executive is faced with the task of demonstrating the value of the office to the family. FOX aids this discussion by offering benchmarking to provide objective metrics on cost, compensation, and service offering along with studies providing insights on setting goals, communicating activity and value delivered, and different approaches to allocating costs across multiple households. Members are well prepared with strong insights into how to compare their office’s performance to that of theirpeers.

Preparing and Educating the Next Generation

Every family faces issues of how to prepare the next generation for the responsibilities of wealth. FOX offers the FOX Family Education Toolkit to members, as well as frequent sessions at forums and webinars on the topic.

Saving Time and Money

An overriding purpose of FOX is to provide the right information to family offices when they need it. Membership provides the benefit FOX insights plus the experience of member families to help you reach your goals, without reinventing the wheel or repeating the mistakes others have made.

Pushing the Envelope

To ensure the most efficient and satisfying learning experience, FOX seeks to match members with their closest peers. This fosters the most productive discussions and ensures that pressing issues are addressed. This is especially true in the FOX Councils, the highest level of family office membership. Councils are specialized peer groups formed to break new ground and keep members in the vanguard of family office practice. Different councils are provided for the CEOs of the most sophisticated offices, CIOs of the most demanding investment offices, business owners, family members who run their own offices, and family office CFOs and controllers.

FOX has developed several Solution Toolkits for family office executives:

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