FOX Council Membership

Discover the power of peer exchange
FOX councils produce smarter leaders because they gain insights from the best source possible – other successful leaders.


"Never have I felt like I had a group I could call and know that whatever I talk to them about remains confidential because they’re in the same boat. FOX brings people together in a way I”ve never seen in my professional career."

Julie Winfield, CFO, FOX Senior Management Council Member



Gain knowledge from the experiences of highly accomplished and hard-to-find peers.


Share ideas and challenges in a confidential space and walk away with strategies to address real-life issues.


Create lasting relationships and gain a supportive network for unbiased and honest feedback.


FOX Councils are exclusive groups of 25 closely-matched leaders who gather to share knowledge, discuss experiences, and gain insights.

What to Expect:

  • FOX Councils meet twice a year for 1.5 days.
  • Two FOX senior leaders design the agenda and moderate discussions.
  • Meetings usually include an expert speaking on topics relevant to the group and/or case presentations from other members about their approach to an issue of interest.
  • All meetings include moderated peer exchange to surface topics on the minds of members.
  • An informal dinner provides a social environment to build relationships.