FOX Member Networks

Focus on the issues most critical to you

FOX Networks represent an effective way for members to stay up-to-date on the issues and skills that apply to key family office disciplines. Networks make it easy to tap into knowledge and advice from fellow FOX members, industry experts, and FOX research. 

Networks are included as a benefit of FOX membership. Members can easily enroll in any network from your  Dashboard page.

7 Networks

FOX Direct Investing Network

Families actively engaged in direct investing who want to share deals, connections and experiences with other active family investors.


FOX Family Learning Network

The community for single and multifamily office staff responsible for family learning and development, where challenges, resources and best practices are shared to help all prepare the rising generation for success in their families and in life.


FOX Human Capital Network

The community for family office staff who manage human capital matters, enabling them to share best practices, resolve issues, and gather insight on new developments in the human capital field.


FOX Investment Network

For those who lead the investment decisions in the family and family business including family members, the head of the investment committee, or internal CIO.


FOX Private Trust Company Network

Families interested in private trust companies as a long term governance vehicle for their family enterprises,who come together to share challenges with trusts and keep up-to-date on changing legal and regulatory issues.


FOX Rising Gen Network

Designed for next generation family members to help build a community where you can connect with people, like yourself, looking for an opportunity to learn, share experiences, and develop skills as future leaders. 


FOX Technology Operations & Data Security Network

A group responsible for the technology and data security supporting their family office, who share solutions and stay current with developments in this broad and rapidly changing digital landscape.

Network Benefits Include:

Leadership from a FOX subject matter expert
A dedicated web page providing FOX resources and curated content for each Network
Online discussions with other members for fast response to immediate questions
Webinar programming specifically created for each Network
An in-person meeting, at least once per year, so members have the opportunity to work together in real time and space