The Recipe for a Successful Family Meeting

Jul 16 2018
Family meeting season is here, and FOX members are gearing up to create learning experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, the planning likely began long...

Take Steps to Combat Risk with a Thoughtful Strategy

Jul 12 2018
In the midst of a growth economy, risk factors are sometimes pushed to the periphery of a company’s focus. It’s no different for family offices. When those risks eventually...

The Pros and Cons of Using a Commercial Institution as Your Trustee

Jul 06 2018
It’s natural to want to choose a family member or someone you know well to serve as your trustee. However, it sometimes also makes sense to choose a professional trustee like...

We All Saw it Coming! Why now is the time for the great transition of wealth

Jul 02 2018
A perfect storm of market appreciation and demographics points to a progressive and sustained growth opportunity in the ultra-wealth business. Now that the time of great...

Keeping Up With the Evolving Technology Needs of Your Family Office

Jun 28 2018
Increasing demands for data and the up and coming younger generation are impacting the technology needs of family offices. Many family offices are challenged to meet the...

Ten Characteristics of Successful Direct Investing Families

Jun 21 2018
Investing directly and operating in real estate and operating businesses is an increasingly important focus for many family offices. For the past decade, FOX has been...

Infographic: FOX Global Investment Survey Finds Family Offices Satisfied, but Evolving Asset Allocation

Jun 07 2018
Overall Family Offices are satisfied with recent performance, but beginning to move away from the traditional approach to asset allocation.

Family Enterprise Planning: How to Engage the Next Generation

Jun 05 2018
Beyond the Family Business A business-owning family with intertwined holdings and joint assets across generations must invest in planning to ensure continued success as a...

The Ultra-Wealthy Response to Innovation

May 24 2018
All aspects of our daily lives will be impacted, as will our understanding of self and the meaning of privacy, ownership, and citizenship due to dramatic changes resulting...

Guest Post: Family Businesses Must Have a Voice in Washington

May 15 2018
Legislators must know what is important to family businesses; what helps or hurts them when it comes to operating their business and creating more jobs. For that reason, it...