FOXCast: Private Equity Fund and Direct Investing in Today's Market

Nov 05 2019
In this episode, Todd Kellerman and Tim Wray, cofounders of V3 Limited, discuss lessons learned from the past and offer some insight into current family office investment...

Addressing Risk Management for the Global Family

Oct 17 2019
Whether motivated by business or pleasure, economic opportunities or simply the weather, today’s high net worth individuals are increasingly becoming global citizens....

FOXCast: Philanthropy and Next Generation Success

Oct 08 2019
In this episode, Jacqueline Valouch, head of philanthropy at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management talks about the role of philanthropy in onboarding the next generation, creating...

FOXCast: Can We Offset the Cost of Living in Paradise?

Sep 24 2019
In this episode, we pick the brain of Robb Lanham, Chief Sales Officer at HUB International. In his role, Robb works with family offices to develop creative solutions for...

FOXCast: Historical Imagination for Family Preservation

Sep 11 2019
In this episode, we sit down with Karen McNeill, Head of Family History at Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank, to discuss her fascinating role in researching...

FOXCast: Family Meetings are Where Expectations are Set and Trust is Reinforced

Aug 29 2019
In this episode, Tina Milligan, Managing Director at BMO Family Office, part of BMO Wealth Management, illustrates the importance of family meetings.With over 20 years of...

Seven Ways to Keep the Peace when Gifting a Vacation Home to Family Members

Aug 27 2019
Every year at this time I get questions from our members about shared family vacation homes. "How are other families scheduling usage?" "How are expenses shared?" "How...

Eight Questions to Ask Yourself Upon Becoming a Trustee of a Family Trust

Aug 27 2019
Most people feel honored when they are tapped to serve as trustee of a family trust. It is an important leadership position as well as a powerful role in managing a family’s...

FOXCast: Managing Risk for Yachts, Megayachts, Superyachts, and Gigayachts

Aug 23 2019
The yacht insurance market is dramatically changing in terms of available capacity and cost. As vessels get bigger and more sophisticated, clients worldwide are experiencing...

Infographic: Reasons Why Ultra-Wealth Providers Are Changing Their Brand Names

Aug 22 2019
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