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Has the Private Trust Company Structure Delivered on its Promise?

Dec 3, 2018
Private Trust Companies (PTCs) first drew industry attention when industry elder, Jay Hughes, in his book Family Wealth – Keeping It in the Family called out the...

Onboarding the Next Generation of Family Council Members

Nov 12, 2018
Recently, a FOX member inquired about the best practices of onboarding a next generation family member into the Family Council. "What does the first year look li...

Water Damage: Protecting Valuables and Property from the Most Frequent Disruptor

Nov 8, 2018
While folks residing on the coasts are keenly aware of the threats that hurricanes can pose in terms of water damage, most families are unaware that the main ris...

Building a Sustainable Family Enterprise

Nov 6, 2018
Measuring successSometimes the greatest challenge for a family is to agree on how they will measure the “success” of the enterprise in each generation. The metri...

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Oct 10, 2018

Wildfires: Preparing Your Family and Property Ahead of Disaster

Oct 5, 2018
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. -Benjamin FranklinYou’ve seen the news- wildfires are becoming a common occurrence. So much so that the term “me...

Why Family Office Boards are Indispensable

Sep 26, 2018
Transitions within families, increasing complexity on a global scale, and the dynamics of managing families are making governing boards more indispensable to fam...

The Coming Great Transformation in the Global Macro Environment

Sep 25, 2018
Demographics, automation, and inequality have the potential to dramatically reshape our world in the 2020s and beyond. Our analysis shows that the collision of t...

Family Office Advisors Thinking Outside the Box: Finding Innovative Solutions to Common Problems

Sep 21, 2018
As lawyers, we are taught to zealously advocate for the client or the position we represent. At its best, this advocacy almost always entails thinking outside th...

Is “Impact Investing” the new norm?

Sep 10, 2018
Everyone these days is talking about “impact investing”. A Google search returns over 150 million results for the phrase. There are hundreds of investment manage...

Why I Left ETFs to Join a Crypto Asset Manager

Sep 4, 2018
Matt Hougan was the CEO of, a three-time member of the Barron’s ETF Roundtable, and the co-author of the CFA Institute’s Monograph on ETFs. He was also a...

10 Reasons to Start a Family Office

Aug 31, 2018
I have been traveling in the US and abroad lately, meeting successful business owning families who feel that they have “become bigger than their business”. They ...

Three Tips for Staying Ahead of the Bad Guys – Security Awareness

Aug 22, 2018
This summer we hosted our first FOX Family Security Workshop. According to attendees, security is currently one of their top concerns.

What’s on the Minds of the Leading Families in Latin America

Aug 15, 2018
Latin America has been one of the most dynamic regions of the world in the last two decades, experiencing strong GDP growth and wealth. During this time, many of...

Creating an Effective Team for the Family Office

Aug 14, 2018
The biggest asset of any family office is the staff that supports the family clients. Over the last couple of years, creating an effective team for the family of...

Longevity and its Implications on the Ultra-Wealthy

Jul 24, 2018
The impact of greater longevity will be broad and deep as the average life expectancy in America today is longer than in any other period in history. The systems...

The Recipe for a Successful Family Meeting

Jul 16, 2018
Family meeting season is here, and FOX members are gearing up to create learning experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, the planning like...

Take Steps to Combat Risk with a Thoughtful Strategy

Jul 12, 2018
In the midst of a growth economy, risk factors are sometimes pushed to the periphery of a company’s focus. It’s no different for family offices. When those risks...

The Pros and Cons of Using a Commercial Institution as Your Trustee

Jul 6, 2018
It’s natural to want to choose a family member or someone you know well to serve as your trustee. However, it sometimes also makes sense to choose a professional...

We All Saw it Coming! Why now is the time for the great transition of wealth

Jul 2, 2018
A perfect storm of market appreciation and demographics points to a progressive and sustained growth opportunity in the ultra-wealth business. Now that the time ...

Keeping Up With the Evolving Technology Needs of Your Family Office

Jun 28, 2018
Increasing demands for data and the up and coming younger generation are impacting the technology needs of family offices. Many family offices are challenged to ...

Ten Characteristics of Successful Direct Investing Families

Jun 21, 2018
Investing directly and operating in real estate and operating businesses is an increasingly important focus for many family offices. For the past decade, FOX has...

Family Enterprise Planning: How to Engage the Next Generation

Jun 5, 2018
Beyond the Family BusinessA business-owning family with intertwined holdings and joint assets across generations must invest in planning to ensure continued succ...