2015 Global Owners Forum Agenda


Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Registration Opens and Breakfast

Welcome and Opening Session – Building Blocks to Develop a Strong Family Enterprise View 
Speaker: Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange
There is an art and a science to managing a family enterprise that thrives across generations.  Sara Hamilton will define the concept of taking a long term, broad view of the family enterprise and will share the building blocks needed to develop a vibrant multi-generational enterprise.  Sara will guide you in managing the process of change to help ensure that your family is prepared for the inevitable transitions.  Transition—the process of change—is complex and involves preparing not only for what changes will need to occur, but also addressing how the changes will occur, and who will lead the delicate process.

Networking Break

Panel of Family Members: Generational Views on the Family Enterprise
Panelists: Eric Allyn, 4th Generation Co-Chairman of the Welch Allyn Board of Directors
Serge de Ganay, 4th Generation, Board Member of Quilvest, part of the Bemberg Family Enterprise
Dirk Jungé, 4th Generation Chairman of Pitcairn Family Office,
Peter Evans, 5th Generation Former Family President of Laird Norton Companies
Moderator: Alexandre Monnier, President, Family Office Exchange
Families still together past the third generation have succeeded because of their purposeful planning for the family’s future.  Families with an enterprise view find it necessary to align the family and its goals toward a collective vision of the future, tied together by mutual respect, alignment of interests, and a level of cooperation that may not only be difficult to achieve, but also challenging to maintain. In this session, family members who have engaged their families in becoming a true family enterprise will share their lessons learned and the guiding principles that got them there. 


Managing Family Transitions Breakouts 
“Putting Private Capital to Work Productively and Incorporating a Proper Governance Process”
Serge de Ganay, Bemberg Family Enterprise, Board Chair of Quilvest
Eric Allyn, Co-Chair of the Welch Allyn Board of Directors
Session Facilitator: Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO
Two successful families in the 4th and 5th generation have focused on managing smooth business transitions in the recent past.  They are also involved in creating proper governance structures at each juncture of the family’s evolution.  These speakers are happy to answer your questions, and provide insight into some of the following topics:
How a family enterprise develops the strategy for allocating family capital
Why families choose to invest together in a new operating business
What support is offered to the young entrepreneurs in the family
What best practices in family governance can do to keep families together
“Family Engagement, Leadership Succession and Family Transitions”
Peter Evans, The Laird Norton Holding Company, 5th Generation Former Family President;
Langdon Evans, The Laird Norton Holding Company, 6th Generation Family Member;
Andrew Pitcairn, The Pitcairn Company, 5th Generation Family Council Chair
Session Facilitator: Alexandre Monnier, President
We are very fortunate to have younger representatives from two families moving from the 5th to 7th generations.  Each of them has initiated changes that were hard to accept and difficult to manage. In this session, we will discuss the following topics:
What the younger generations are thinking about the roles they want to play
How family members are trained to be ready to lead
When it is time to pass leadership to younger generations
How families react to the need for change
How family culture impacts the ability to manage change

Networking Break

BREAKOUT 1: Cross-border Issues Impacting Multi-generational Global Wealth Owners
Speaker: Andrew Stone, Partner, Kozusko Harris Duncan 
Understanding what is at stake when designing cross-border ownership structures can make a major difference for families working and residing in multiple countries. Distinguishing ownership from control and organizing structure to be flexible in uncertain times are topics that will be addressed by the speaker. Andrew Stone of Kozusko Harris Duncan, a leader in multi-national corporate and estate tax matters, will identify some of the complex challenges that their clients have faced as global citizens in the 21st century. 
BREAKOUT 2: Empowering the Next Generation of Impact Investors
Program Developers: James Gifford, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Initiative for Responsible Investment, Hauser Institute for Civil Society, Harvard University and Sam Bonsey, Director of Operations, The ImPact
The retiring generation often prioritizes financial returns and considers contributions to social and environmental goals only through philanthropy. Rising Generation family members are increasingly challenging this approach. Rising Gens typically seek social and environmental returns in addition to market rate risk-adjusted returns.  Further, younger Millennials rank “to improve society” as the number one priority of business, above “to generate profit.”  

Networking Reception

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Day One Key Takeaways
Amy Hart Clyne, Executive Director, Family Office Exchange
The Future of Investing in Private Equity and Direct Deals
Industry Speaker:  Vincent Mai,  Founder and Chairman, The Cranemere Group 
Moderator: Sara Hamilton, CEO, Family Office Exchange
Family Office Exchange has been conducting research on the advantages of long-term private equity investing and the changes in the private equity industry and Sara Hamilton will report on this research.  She will also moderate a discussion with one of the leaders in the private equity industry, Mr. Vincent Mai, who is the Chairman of Cranemere Group, a privately owned equity holding company based in London. He was previously the former CEO and Chairman of AEA Investors, who spearheaded a 20 year track record at AEA from 1989-2011, building one of the top 10 private equity firms worldwide for consistent superior performance. Vincent is a seasoned investor and a valued resource on best practices, serving on several important family office and foundation Investment Committees.  He will provide unusual insight into the future of the private equity industry, how to structure relationships with private equity funds in an optimal manner, and how to think about direct co-investing. 
Advisor/Client Panel – Developing a Family Investment Philosophy and Strategy
Mary Jo Palermo, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
Nicolas Ibanez, CoFounder and Partner, Drake Real Estate Partners
Julio Cazorla Aiguabella, Grupo Corporativo Landon, Member of the Gallardo Family Council
Moderator: Charlie Grace, Managing Director, Family Office Exchange
As complexity in the investment industry increases, families see the need for a thoughtful philosophy for preserving family wealth across generations.   This session will provide insight for those who have wondered how to balance appropriate selection criteria when choosing best fit investment strategies for their family. In an open-dialogue panel discussion, external investment strategists and their client family leaders will share case study examples of how to work successfully with an investment strategist and how to build strong partnerships with these advisors over time.
Closing Luncheon - Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spark in Your Family
Session Host: Amy Hart Clyne, Executive Director, Family Office Exchange
Session Speaker: Mark Hatch,CEO, TechShop, Inc.
Thanks to the widespread availability of technology and access to equipment, anyone can now create and innovate. Anyone can be the maker of products and trends. It’s called the Maker Movement, and Mark chronicles the powerful changes now occurring and the remarkable effects the movement is having on business and society. This is a call to action for both makers and would-be makers. 
As a pioneer of the Maker Movement, Mark Hatch explains how new technologies and economic upheavals are paving the way for individuals to create, innovate, make a fortune—and most importantly, drive positive societal change—with nothing more than their own creativity and some hard work.

Program Wrap Up and Adjourn  

Introduction of Art Basel Events – Richard Fitzburgh, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, RBC Wealth Management 


RBC Wealth Management hosted events:

Please note – for all events, space is limited, an RSVP is required.

December 2, 2015:
Evening: Private Tour of UNTITLED Art Fair
Enjoy a private viewing of UNTITLED, a curated art fair for international galleries and nonprofit art spaces with a focus on emerging and midcareer contemporary art. Please note, this private viewing is exclusive for Family Office Exchange and RBC Wealth Management’s guests and occurs the day before the Fair. Founded by Jeff Lawson in partnership with Alan G. Randolph in Miami Beach, UNTITLED, has expanded its curatorial team led by artistic director Omar López-Chahoud, with Christophe Boutin and Mélanie Scarciglia, introducing a new perspective to the international focus and content development of the fair.
The cocktail party will be hosted in both the VIP Lounge and on the outdoor deck that will have an exclusive view to the evening’s showcase, a French silent film. The VIP Lounge will be designed by TOILETPAPER, a picture-based magazine founded in 2010 by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. The duo’s publication works to create photographs that fuse the vernacular of commercial image making with witty tableaux and surrealism. TOILETPAPER, characterized by high production value and sharp humor, has been featured in prestigious magazines and institutions including the Highline Billboard in New York City, Paris Palais de Tokyo’s front windows, and New York Magazine’s Spring 2014 fashion issue to name a few.
December 3, 2015:
Afternoon: Art Basel Vernissage VIP Preview
The 2015 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach builds upon the success of last year’s show, one of the strongest ever: Modern and contemporary artworks shown by 267 leading galleries from 31 countries were viewed by over 73,000 international visitors — with artists, collectors, gallerists, curators and art enthusiasts creating the excitement that makes this singular event a remarkable way to encounter art.
This exclusive and special preview of more than 250 leading art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa will exhibit 20th and 21st century artworks by over 2,000 artists.
December 3, 2015
Evening: Beachfront Mansion Cocktail Party
A cocktail party at a beautiful 15,000 sq. ft. glass home right on the water in Miami Beach. At the cocktail party, RBC Wealth Management will have music performed by a local Latin band provided by Sony Music. Ferrari is the primary sponsor for the evening, and guests will have access to test drive their cars. Last, but not least, there will be an amazing yacht at the dock for guests to enjoy.

Note: Sessions/Topics/Speakers subject to change

Registration for this event is limited to Wealth Owners and Family Office Executives attending with a Wealth Owner.  All registrations are subject to approval by FOX.

REFUND POLICY: For event registrations, refunds of payment or forum allotments will be offered if the cancellation is made in writing to Family Office Exchange at events@familyoffice.com five or more business days prior to the start of the event.