2012 Financial Executives Forum Overview

This year, we focus on what you need to know about the:

  • Outlook for tax and estate planning . The two-year window is closing on opportunities to capitalize on gift, estate, and generation-skipping tax provisions of the 2010 Tax Act. An estate planning expert tells what you can expect next. 
  • Latest developments in Washington D.C. A noted Capitol Hill lobbyist discusses up-to-the-minute political and legislative developments as well as his organization’s ongoing lobbying efforts on behalf of wealth owners. 
  • New technology for business continuity Hear the latest details on cloud-based computing technology and disaster recovery programs that ensure your family office will operate smoothly and without interruption during a crisis. 
  • Financial reports that engage as well as inform. Our expert panel discusses approaches to reporting that promote readership, prompt broader family involvement, and ultimately help family members remain focused on their long-term goals 
  • Skillful management of human resources. Gain new insights into staff recruitment, development, motivation, retention, and other important personnel-related issues that are key to the efficient and effective operation of your family office. 
And, of course, you have the opportunity to tap the collective wisdom and experience of true peers in a comfortable, secure setting.
 Forum attendees are eligible for as many as 4 CPE credits.
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