2018 FOX Autumn Global Investment Forum Agenda

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

7:45 am Breakfast and Registration
8:30 am

Opening Welcome

Presenter: Kristi Kuechler, Managing Director, Investor Market, Family Office Exchange

8:40 am

The Great Separation: What the Return of Volatility Means for Your Portfolio

Presenter: Mark W. Yusko, Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Morgan Creek Capital Management, LLC

Since the end of the Global Financial Crisis, abundant Central Bank liquidity has created a global rising tide for financial assets. Stocks, bonds, and real estate have been locked into a relentless, low volatility “melt-up” in valuation over the past nine years, culminating in the extraordinarily low volatility of 2017. This year has ushered in a new volatility regime as global Central Banks move toward a more restrictive monetary policy framework. This session will explore the beachfront of investment opportunities to see which are "swimming naked" (per Buffett) as the liquidity tide recedes, and which strategies may add value to your portfolio in the new volatility regime.

9:30 am Networking Break
10:00 am

The Evolution of Asset Allocation: One Family’s Story

Presenters: Mac Van Wielingen, Founder and Director, ARC Financial Corp.
Rob Van Wielingen, CFA, President, Viewpoint Investment Partners Corporation

This session will share the perspective of a private equity entrepreneur and a significant institutional investor as he works with his son to develop their family’s long-term investment approach. The family will share how their investment program has evolved from concentrated private equity holdings within their single-family office to a systematic, global, factor-based multi-asset approach for themselves and other families. They will outline a long-term stewardship approach that encompasses private, alternative and public investment strategies, and which challenges a conventional asset allocation approach.

11:15 am Networking Break
11:30 am

CIO Panel: Preparing for Uncertainty

Panelists: Bradley Berger, President, Kompass Kapital Management, LLC
Joel Bosch, Vice President of Finance & Investments, 42 North Partners, LLC
Lesley-Jane Dixon, SVP/CIO, Clark Enterprises, Inc.
Moderator: David F. Toth, Managing Director, Family Office Exchange

In this session, a panel of single-family office Chief Investment Officers will discuss how they are positioning the family portfolios. This session will share actionable investment suggestions as the CIOs prepare for the potential return of volatility and will explore how they are assessing risks and opportunities in an uncertain investment environment.

12:30 pm Networking Luncheon
1:30 pm

Peer Dialogue Sessions

Members will select one peer exchange dialogue session from topics of interest. All sessions will be facilitated by a member of the FOX team.

Please note, some discussion groups will be limited to specific network or council members.

  • FOX Direct Investing Network Peer Dialogue
    Open to FOX Direct Investing Network members and investors, and family offices interested in discussing direct investment opportunities and sharing their experience making direct investments in real estate and operating businesses.
  • FOX Investor Peer Dialogue
    Open to wealth owners and single-family offices, an interactive discussion to discuss asset allocation building blocks, investment decision-making/family communication, and best practices to enhance your investment program.
  • FOX Strategic CIO Council Meeting
    Open to members of the FOX Strategic CIO Council (SCIOC) and by invitation.
  • FOX Advisor Peer Dialogue
    Open to FOX Advisors in attendance, from multi-family offices and investment advisory firms.
3:00 pm Networking Break
3:15 pm Breakout Sessions
Please select one of the following:
Breakout 1

Opportunities in Private Credit

Panelists: Daniel Pound, Head of AG Europe & Co-Portfolio Manager, Disstresed Debt, Angelo, Gordon & Co.
Michael Smith, Partner, Co-Head of Credit Group, Ares Management, L.P.
Moderator: Tod Trabocco, CFA, Head of Private Credit Research, Cambridge Associates, LLC

In this session, we will discuss where we are in the credit cycle and how to consider opportunities in private credit, focusing on direct lending and distressed debt. Cambridge's Head of Private Credit Research will moderate the discussion and portfolio managers from Angelo, Gordon & Co. and Ares Management will discuss credit strategies broadly, with a focus on their direct lending and distressed strategies, as well as other timely opportunities.

Breakout 2

Integrating Direct Investments Into Your Overall Portfolio

Presenters: Lori D. Mills, CFA, Managing Director, Asset Consulting Group
Joseph F. Nugent, Director, Asset Consulting Group

As interest in direct investing among ultra-wealthy families continues to grow, so do the challenges. How do investors maintain the discipline and risk controls of their overall investment program while allowing for the greater flexibility needed to take advantage of the opportunities in this space - while managing the many risks specific to direct investments. In this session, we will explore different structures and approaches used by families to meet these challenges.

Breakout 3

Data Driven Impact: Measuring Social Impact and Investment Returns

Presenter: Michele Demers, Founder & CEO, Boundless Impact Investing

Many family members and family offices are attracted to the idea of aligning their values with their investing. Yet many are confused or frustrated by the lack of straightforward methods and metrics to define an “impact investment,” particularly how to contrast these to more traditional investments. This session will discuss the significant evolution of
analytics to determine whether investment returns on an “impact” investment are concessionary, and also new metrics to help quantify the social or environmental contribution of an investment.

Breakout 4

Riding Out the Storm: Tax Loss Harvesting in Volatile Markets

Presenter: Paul Bouchey, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Parametric Portfolio Associates, LLC

A turbulent market can increase the effectiveness of harvesting tax losses – if you have an active tax-management
strategy – and stick to it. This session will discuss the market’s uptick in volatility in Q1, why there are loss-harvesting opportunities even in bull markets, and the compounding benefits of tax alpha over time. The speaker will discuss the
recent tax cuts and share his views on a tax-aware approach to investing in today’s complex markets.

4:15 pm Networking Break
4:30 pm

The Future of Currency: Risks and Opportunities in Cryptocurrency

Presenter: Matt Hougan, Global Head of Research, Bitwise Asset Management

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum get headlines, but is there really any “there” there? This session will take a hype-free look at what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, and why some people are so bullish about their longterm
potential. We'll also consider the biggest risks to the cryptocurrency experiment, including regulation, fraud, market fragmentation, and market manipulation.

5:30 pm Forum Reception