2018 FOX Fall Enterprise Forum Agenda

2018 FOX Rising Gen Forum Agenda - Sunday, October 21

This day is reserved for FOX Rising Gen family members, ages 20-45

9:00 am Optional Walking Tour
11:00 am Registration Opens
11:45 am Rising Gen Luncheon
12:30 pm

Opening Remarks

Heather Abramson, Regional Director, Membership, West, Family Office Exchange

12:45 pm

Leading with Purpose: Bringing Meaning to Your Work

Arthur Woods, Co-Founder and COO, Imperative

Purpose-driven leaders tap into what really motivates both themselves and others, and as a result they inspire their teams to achieve extraordinary results. Leading with purpose is particularly important to millennials and rising generation leaders. We’ll talk about the purpose economy, and participants will have an opportunity to discover their own Purpose ProfileTM using an online assessment.

1:45 pm

Purpose in Action

Working in small groups, participants will identify their purpose priorities (work-related, philanthropic, family focused) and develop an action plan guided by their Purpose Profile™.

2:30 pm Networking Break
3:00 pm

The Generation of Impact: Using Your Voice for Change

Paulina Cromwell, CFA, Product Manager, Family Office Exchange

The Rising Generation has been called “The Generation of Impact,” as we operate not only with a value-centric mindset but are insistent upon contributing to and seeing change. But how do we influence family leadership to think differently, and give us a seat at the table? In this interactive discussion, we will hear stories from peers who have been successful and explore how we can influence to make an impact.

4:00 pm

Rising Gen Roundtables

Participants will choose a topic and join in facilitated discussions with peers. Potential topics may include the following: Dynamics with the Family Business, Managing Generational Differences, Sibling/Cousin Concerns, Spouse/In-Law Involvement.

6:00 pm

Rising Gen Dinner Reception at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

12 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603

Enjoy the playful atmosphere of the Game Room while indulging in classic cocktails and street food favorites by Chicago’s 2018 Rising Star Chef.
This event is within walking distance from the JW Marriott.





2018 FOX Rising Gen Forum Agenda - Monday, October 22, 2018

This day is reserved for FOX Rising Gen family members, ages 20-45

7:00 am

Rise and Shine Yoga (Optional)

Start your day off right with a refreshing and energizing yoga session. Join us for sun salutations and more. Wear comfortable clothes.
Mats will be provided. 

8:15 am Networking Breakfast
9:00 am Opening Remarks
9:05 am

The Benefits of Coaching for Leadership

Austin McDonald, President and COO, McDonald Development Company
Greg McCann, Founder and Principal, McCann & Associates

Engaging a coach can be an effective way to develop your leadership, engage your teams, and accelerate your career development. In this interactive session we will explore your understanding of coaching as a mindset, a skill set, and a resource for Rising Generation family members. Coaching can help you unlock your leadership potential, whether it is through peer coaching or working with a professional coach.

10:30 am Networking Break
11:00 am

Leadership Storytelling: Bringing It All Together

Talli Sperry, Head of Family Office Segment, The Vanguard Group
Heather Winslow-Walker, Family Legacy Specialist, The Vanguard Group

During our time together, we will discover how to bring meaning to our work, identify our own purpose priorities, and understand how to use our voice for change. This session provides an opportunity to bring together these essential building blocks to tell a powerful story about the impact we want to have on our families and the world. Being able to clearly articulate what you care about will set you apart as a creative and authentic leader who can leverage stories that engage and persuade.

12:00 pm


FOX Rising Gen Forum Participants are invited to join us for the FOX Fall Enterprise Forum Family Seminars and Dinner on Monday, October 21, included with FOX Rising Gen Forum Registration. Additionally, participants are encouraged to register for both Tuesday, or Tuesday and Wednesday,
of the FOX Fall Enterprise Forum.





2018 FOX Fall Enterprise Forum Agenda - Monday, October 22, 2018

This day is reserved for family members, family office executives, and FOX Thought Leaders Council members.

9:30 am Registration Opens
10:30 am Introduction to the FOX Community and Speed Networking (Optional)
12:30 pm Luncheon and Seminar Introductions
2:00 pm

Family Seminars

Please choose one of the following seminars. Seminars are open to Family Members, Family Office Executives, and FOX Thought Leaders Council Members.

Seminar 1

The Culture Journey Learning Experience

Tim Kuppler, Director, Human Synergistics, Inc. and Founder, cultureuniversity.com
Dave Croci, Director of Leadership Development, Root, Inc.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch” is a well-known adage that describes how vital an effective culture is to any organization’s success. A family’s culture, not unlike an organization’s, is fluid and everchanging, shaped by shared values, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors. This interactive learning experience will help family leaders and change agents understand the complexities of culture, and the connection to performance improvement in a rapidly changing environment. Combining peer learning with fundamentals about culture, climate, and change management, the Culture Journey experience uses the Root Learning Map®, reflections, and interactive scenarios to bring the culture journey to life.

Seminar 2

An Entrepreneurial Pathway

Ann Dugan, Senior Managing Director of Advisory Services, Family Office Exchange
Brock Elmore, CEO and Co-Founder, Consilient
Sophie Felts, CEO and Founder, Sophie Felts Floral Design
Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, President and CEO, Sabika, Inc.

Whether planning for the original family business or new businesses, the family foundation, family investing, or family real estate, being entrepreneurial and confident in your family enterprise approach is a key to success. This session is for families with passionate self-starters who have the desire to be fearless and resilient in their family enterprise work.

Seminar 3

Energizing the Enterprise: Designing an Opportunity and Risk Analysis Process

Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange
Miguel López de Silanes, Managing Director, Market Leader for Europe and Latin America, Family Office Exchange

Knowing more about future opportunities and unexpected risks can have a dramatic and positive impact on the health of the enterprise. Families will use a creative process to analyze alternatives and uncertainties that may challenge the family in their strategic planning. This workshop explains key concepts related to identifying driving forces and uncertainties, and introduces a systematic way to prioritize future opportunities and risks. An interactive, multi-generational case study will take participants through the experience of one family tackling these concepts across three generations.

Seminar 4

Investment Fundamentals

Kristi Kuechler, Managing Director, Investor Market, Family Office Exchange
Paulina Cromwell, CFA, Product Manager, Family Office Exchange

This interactive session will simulate real-world situations where investors of all ages navigate investing a new pool of capital. The speakers will help attendees define an investment philosophy by exploring: Return vs. Risk, Concentration vs. Diversification, Strategic vs. Tactical Allocation, and Passive vs. Active Management. Working in small groups, each team will define their investment philosophy around the above topics, state their general investment outlook, and report their portfolio allocation to the larger group. Combining earning methods to explain fundamental investment concepts through peer learning, this session will help attendees understand the basic principles of investing in a fun, practical format.

6:30 pm Cocktail Reception and Dinner for Families, Office Executives, and FOX Thought Leaders Council Members
JW Marriott Chicago




2018 FOX Fall Enterprise Forum Agenda - Tuesday, October 23
This day is open to all FOX members.
8:00 am Breakfast and Registration
9:00 am

Growing a Resilient Family and Building a Sustainable Enterprise

Alexandre Monnier, President, Family Office Exchange

What makes a resilient family thrive and a sustainable family enterprise strong across the generations? Learn what is in store for attendees at this year’s FOX Fall Enterprise Forum, and get a deeper look at FOX’s approach to Enterprise Thinking and how members utilize this mindset so that every generation can be a first generation.

9:40 am

Every Generation is a First Generation

Chris Stillwell, Chairman, Stillwell Family Enterprise
Marianne Stillwell, Chairman, Stillwell Motor Group

Embracing an enterprise view, the Stillwell Family of Australia has guided their family enterprise through generational shifts spanning 67 years. With intention and thoughtful planning across the enterprise, the family has defined the purpose for their wealth, embraced educating the next generation, planned for the retirement of the current generation, outlined a clear succession plan, and developed a shared vision for the future. Hear from a leading international family about taking an enterprise approach and how it has laid the groundwork for a highly-functioning family.

10:30 am Networking Break
11:00 am

Managing the Unexpected Using an Opportunity and Risk Framework

Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange

Get a first look at the new FOX research on managing opportunities and risks in the family enterprise. This research focuses on a process for the family to address future uncertainties, recognizing both known and unknown risks a family may face in the 21st century. Families who can embrace change, seek opportunity, and manage uncertainty will create the most resilient enterprises of the future. The FOX model addresses the family view, the business view, the financial view, and the philanthropic view of the family enterprise, and provides practical tools for building thoughtful strategic plans for the future.

11:40 am

Global Risks and Your Risk Management Strategy

John Drzik, President, Global Risk and Digital, Marsh

Each year, the Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum at Davos, in partnership with Marsh & McLennan Companies and Zurich Insurance Group, is a critical guide to explore some of the major challenges and risks of the world. Understand how decision-makers across the industry can find opportunity amid today’s global challenges. From geopolitical turmoil, to environmental dangers, and cyber threats, we will discuss how businesses may find benefit in applying some of the same contingency planning principles to a wider array of risk planning.

12:30 pm Luncheon
1:30 pm

Peer Dialogues for Family Members and Family Office Executives

  • Family Members
    • Gen 1-2
    • Gen 2-3
    • Gen 3-4
    • Gen 4-5
    • Gen 5+
  • Family Office Executives
    • 1-6 Employees
    • 7-14 Employees
    • 15-19 Employees
    • 20+ Employees
1:30 pm

Peer Dialogue for Advisors and FOX Thought Leaders Council Members

David S. Friedman, Co-Founder, WealthQuotient

2:45 pm Networking Break
3:15 pm Breakout Sessions
Please choose one of the following sessions.
Breakout 1

Is Data the New Alpha?

Hardeep Walia, CEO, Motif Investing

Alternative data is no longer an alternative. The digitization of our world has created an unprecedented data revolution that creates alpha opportunities for family offices in otherwise efficient markets. This cutting-edge talk will examine the latest in AI and data science and showcase where the future of alpha might come from. The asset manager of the future will need to evolve tools, processes, and personnel to exploit this alternative data advantage. The session will also demonstrate how data-driven products get developed and implemented in a portfolio.

Breakout 2

Leadership: What Families Need Now

Jeff Strese, Chief Talent and Learning Officer, Tolleson Wealth Management

Family members from all generations are hungry for clarity on how to navigate the financial and emotional complexities of wealth. In order to do this well, families need leaders—all kinds, from all generations. Come to this session to learn how one Chief Learning Officer within a multi-family office helps families develop leadership skills that are pragmatic and cross-generational. Good leadership is easily identifiable when it is present within a family system, and often overlooked when a family lacks the skills to cultivate its own leaders. What do families need now? Leadership.

Breakout 3

Tax Planning Strategies for Real Estate Owning Families

Tina Milligan, Managing Director, CTC | myCFO
Patrick Moriarty, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Much has been written about the sweeping tax law changes as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act. Ultra-wealthy taxpayers and business owners alike are faced with not only a myriad of changes, but also many planning opportunities. For real estate owners, investors, and developers, the impacts are significant. Experts will take participants through the tax law changes and explore opportunities for targeted trust strategies that real estate owning families might consider.

Breakout 4

Lessons Learned from Seasoned Direct Investors

Kristi Kuechler, Managing Director, Investor Market, Family Office Exchange

Direct Investing is a key investment focus for a growing number of families as they seek greater control of investments and wish to encourage entrepreneurship within the family. A panel of experienced direct investors will share real-life examples of how they source and vet opportunities. They will share lessons learned and best practices to help attendees develop their own family’s private equity strategy.

Breakout 5

FOX Compensation and Benefits Study

David Toth, Managing Director, Family Office Exchange
Ken Cameron, Director, Grant Thornton, LLP

Offering a competitive compensation plan is essential to attracting and retaining the top talent that can ensure a family office’s success. However, compensation is also consistently the biggest line item in every family office budget. This makes designing compensation plans that are competitive and effective especially imperative. Leaders from Family Office Exchange and Grant Thornton will share findings from this year’s FOX Compensation and Benefits Survey, providing an update on trends in family office compensation along with the peer perspective necessary to benchmark, design, and plan for maximum return on investment.

Breakout 6

The Essential Wellness Tool Kit - For You, Your Family, and Your Organization

Julie Wald, Founder and Chief Wellness Advisor, Namaste New York

Research shows that effective self-care practices can lead to success at work and at home. Join us to discuss the four pillars of well-being and how they inform the way we care for ourselves, our families, and our organizations. Develop a practical self-care tool kit, including mindfulness, nutrition, and movement to increase your productivity in the office, impact your effectiveness as a family member, and engender greater fulfillment and longevity.

4:30 pm Adjournment
7:00 pm

All Member Dinner at the Adler Planetarium

Join us for a dinner with your peers at the Adler Planetarium, beginning with cocktails under the soaring domed ceiling in the Grainger Sky Theatre, followed by dinner in the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Solarium with breathtaking views of the Chicago Skyline.
Shuttle service will be provided.





2018 FOX Fall Enterprise Forum Agenda - Wednesday, October 24, 2018
This day is open to all FOX members.
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Opening Remarks
9:10 am

Preparing for the Great Transformation in the Global Macro Environment

Austin Kimson, Co-Founder and Senior Economist, The Bain Macro Trends Group, Bain and Company

Family Enterprises will be transformed by a shifting macro environment. Austin Kimson from Bain and Company believes geopolitics, demographics, and technology are colliding to unleash a massive new boom-to-bust cycle in the coming decade. The Bain Macro Trends Group research predicts a new set of winners and losers. Trends of regionalism and populism will be profound as risk premiums rise, global institutions lose trust, and tech innovations change the way things work. This confluence of emerging trends must be understood in order to position the complex moving parts of the family enterprise to remain at the leading edge. Don’t miss this powerful research-based understanding of our new economic reality.

10:10 am Networking Break
10:40 am

Families Investing in Disruption

Nate Hamilton, CFA, Advisory Board Member, Family Office Exchange
Wayne Osborne, Founder and CEO, Way2B1
Stephen Hohenrieder, General Partner, Farmland LP

There is often a silver-lining in the dark clouds of uncertainty and change. Families who are able to effectively navigate turmoil in a market disruption to find opportunity will thrive. We will hear from several families who are thoughtfully embracing risk, investing in industry disruption, and finding significant growth.

11:30 am

Navigate Uncertainty by Building Vision

Robert Wolcott, Ph.D., Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Kellogg School of Management

If you don’t create your future with purpose and intention, you will become the past. Professor Wolcott will share his insight on the discipline required to build your vision for your future, whether it be for your family or your family enterprise. Navigating through uncertainty by envisioning the contours of threats and opportunities is essential to prepare for the unexpected–and to create the future you desire.

12:30 pm Closing Remarks
12:45 pm Grab 'N Go Lunch
2:00 pm Optional Walking Tour