2018 FOX Family Office Forum Agenda

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2018 FOX Family Office Forum Agenda
Tuesday, July 17
10:00 am Registration Opens
10:45 am

Speed Networking (Optional)

Attending a conference with 100+ of your closest peers is a tremendous networking opportunity, so how do you make the most of it? Speed networking is a great way to quickly (just 6 minutes) and efficiently get to know your peers. FOX staff will be on hand to make this a warm welcome to the 2018 FOX Family Office Forum.

11:45 am Luncheon
12:45 pm


Presenter: Alexandre Monnier, President, Family Office Exchange

12:55 pm

Key Considerations for Technology Selection and Application in a Family Office

Presenter: Danielle Valkner, Partner, Advisory Services, PwC

Families often ask what the best technology platform for a family office is – making the assumption that there are just one or two types of technology solutions. However, most family offices require a combination of accounting, investment
and reporting tools, as well as various supporting tools. The specific tools vary based on the types of investments, activities performed within the office and by service providers, and the needs and desires of the family and its staff.
In this session, we’ll provide an overview of family office technologies currently used, and the criteria to consider when making the selection. We’ll also discuss the various technology setups used by family offices and best practices on technology selection and implementation.

1:25 pm

Technology Demonstrations: Solution Introductions

FOX has once again invited multiple technology service providers to highlight their product features with emphasis on how their technology can solve unique challenges inherent in the family office. Each provider will present a brief overview of their technology with emphasis on the solutions their technology provides preceding an actual demonstration of the software.

1:45 pm Networking Break
2:00 pm

Technology Demonstrations

Choose among multiple technology solution providers for three different showcase sessions. Technology providers will demonstrate the features and benefits of their technology with emphasis on how their products uniquely serve the needs of the family office.

Sessions are at 2:00pm, 2:35pm, and 3:10pm

  • AltaReturn
  • Clearwater Analytics
  • ETON Solutions
  • Eze Castle Integration
  • Ipreo Private Capital Markets
  • Sage Intacct
  • SEI Archway
  • SS&C GlobeOp
3:35 pm Networking Break
4:05 pm

Executive Dialogues

  • Small Family Offices (1-6 employees)
  • Medium Family Offices (7-14 employees)
  • Large Family Offices (15+ employees)
  • FOX Multi-Family Office, Thought Leaders, and Wealth Advisor Councils
5:15 pm Forum Networking Reception
2018 FOX Family Office Forum Agenda
Wednesday, July 18
7:30 am Breakfast
8:15 am

Opening Day Comments and Day 1 Recap

Presenter: Amy Hart Clyne, Executive Director, Knowledge Center, Family Office Exchange

8:30 am

A World of Increasing Risk – Are We Whistling in the Dark?

Presenter: Yung-Yu Ma, Ph.D., Chief Investment Strategist, BMO Wealth Management, CTC | myCFO

While most indicators predict a healthy economy in the near future, the inevitable downturn lurks ominously on the horizon. In addition, tension with Russia and China, as well as the threat of renewed violence in the Middle East creates warranted anxiety among investors. Certainly the landscape of risks investors and family offices face continues to evolve and some risks may play out slowly over years or decades, but even those discussed daily in the media could play out in different ways. In this session, we’ll examine four prominent sources of risk around the globe – environmental, economic, geopolitical, and cyber security – and discuss some of the underlying sources and possible directions, along with prudent positioning in light of these risks.

9:30 am

Tax & Estate Update: How Clients are Responding to the Recent Tax Law Changes

Thomas W. Abendroth
, Partner, Practice Group Leader, Private Clients, Trusts and Estates, Schiff Hardin LLP
Jesica Speer, Senior Manager, Private Wealth Services, Grant Thornton LLP

Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was released at the end of 2017, family office and multi-family office professionals have been struggling to understand what all this means for their clients’ situations and circumstances. This session draws on the experience of two industry experts and the work they are doing with their clients as they evaluate their situation and what it means for the client.  Our expert speakers will discuss the opportunities the tax law has created for their clients and the practical strategies they are recommending for making the most of the current tax climate. Some topics that will be addressed in this session include: Gift planning and higher estate exemption exclusions, Entity restructuring options, Deductibility of trust expenses, investment expenses, investment interest, donations to charity, etc.

10:30 am Networking Break
11:00 am Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Please choose one of the four following sessions:
Breakout Session

Creating an Effective Team for the Family Office

Cassie Atteberry
, Human Resources Director, Chinquapin Trust Company
Bonnie Gauger, Human Resources Director, Johnson Keland Management

The biggest asset of any family office is the staff that supports the family clients. Hear from two family office human resource executives about the elements and process to consider in building an effective team that delivers the best client experience for the family. The executives will discuss leadership and team building strategies and
offer practical examples to build the best team to support the family. The basic tenets of building an effective family office team will include leadership, assessing talent, and building a team and culture. Actionable takeaways will be provided, along with apply-at-home exercises and additional resources.

Breakout Session

Virtual Family Offices and Meeting the Needs of Their Clients

Presenter: Andrew L. Busser, Managing Director of Strategy, Pitcairn
Steven Draper, Partner, Markets & Best Practices, ETON Solutions
Charles B. Grace, III, Managing Director, Family Office Exchange
Dain Kistner, Director of Family Office Innovation, Pitcairn

Needs and goals of the family inform the attributes of any good family office. How the family office supports the family in that regard is a big question. Increasingly, certain families are considering transforming into a virtual family office, in part at least, as they think about the family client of the future. But what are the considerations that should be addressed as part of such a change? This session will explore the impact of such a transformation of a family office on oversight, cost, technology, team and advisor ecosystem, as well as insourcing vs. outsourcing of services, among other considerations. What are the different types of virtual family offices that exist? Why have families chosen (or not chosen) this path? FOX Managing Director Charlie Grace will address these questions and walk attendees through scenarios that explore the various iterations of a virtual family office as well as the lessons learned. The session will then divide into facilitated breakout groups to address technology as well as other tactical and strategic considerations for virtual family offices.


Breakout Session

Protecting Your Wealth Through an Enterprise Risk Management Approach

Presenter: Mark Galante, President │Field Operations, PURE Insurance
James P. Kane, CIC, CRM, Senior Vice President of Personal Risk, USI Insurance Services, LLC

Enterprise Risk Management offers a robust approach to managing risk for families, developing a cost effective, comprehensive plan taking into consideration the rapidly evolving nature of our clients’ needs. It takes a holistic approach to identifying, defining, quantifying, analyzing and providing solutions to all the identifiable exposures facing family offices. This session will review the 5 Steps of Risk Management, Loss Control, Loss Mitigation and Transfer of Risk. The understanding of risks using case studies will demonstrate the emerging exposures with current and future generations and how we are proactively addressing the needs of complex families.

Breakout Session

Considerations for Converting Business Structures

Presenter: Mark J. Blumenthal, CPA, Partner, Plante Moran
Domingo Such, Partner, Firmwide Chair, Family Office Services Practice, Perkins Coie LLP

The 2017 Tax Act presents planning opportunities around the choice of entity. Existing clients with pass through
entities like S-Corporations and LLCs need to consider if maintaining this status is prudent given the changes in the tax law. In the past C-Corporations considered elections to become pass through entities to avoid two tiers of tax. What is best for a particular client situation will challenge past convention on choice of entity as optimization is dependent on facts and circumstances. This session will cover the 2017 Tax Act changes with respect to choice of entity taxation and highlight planning considerations for family offices that are either pass-through or regarded taxable entities. Case studies will illustrate the planning situations that clients are facing and the steps they are taking to optimize their entity structures going forward.

12:00 pm

Grab and Network Discussion Luncheons

Join us for one of four separate luncheons, three of which have a Network topic focus:

  • FOX Family Learning Network
  • FOX Human Capital Network
  • FOX Technology Operations & Data Security Network**
  • General Networking Luncheon**

**Joined by attendees from the FOX Family Security Workshop.

1:00 pm FOX Family Office Forum Concludes
2018 FOX Family Security Workshop Agenda
Wednesday, July 18
1:00 pm

Workshop Opening Remarks

Presenter: Tony Gebely, Chief Technology and Integration Officer, Family Office Exchange

1:10 pm

Hacking Demystified

Presenter: Patrick Flanigan, CEH, Manager, Plante Moran
Joe Oleksak, CISSP, CRISC, Partner, Plante Moran
Colin Taggart, CISSP, CISA, CPA, Senior Manager, Plante Moran

Organizations value and view security, risk and control differently. Some of these differences are related to risk and threat profiles impacting an organization based on factors such as industry, location, product/services, etc.
Some differences are related to management's view of commitment to security, and others on experience with prior cyber-incidents. In this interactive session we will illustrate the importance of committing to security through live, real-world examples of hacking, and by discussing controls that we often find missing during our penetration testing, which if implemented, can help you to better secure your organization.

2:45 pm Networking Break
3:10 pm

Protecting Your Family – The Importance of a Holistic Approach

Rob Gray
, Senior Director of Executive Security Programs and Operations, Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Eric Powell, Chief Security Officer, Bayshore Global Management LLC

As new social and geopolitical conflicts arise, threats to a family’s security and well-being change. This landscape has materially shifted over the last few years and, as a result, families need to be prepared to address a variety of personal, physical, and cyber risks. In this session, family security directors from two single family offices will share strategies they use to protect the interests of the global, multigenerational families who employ them. They’ll also lead the group in a risk assessment exercise and share the best practices and technologies used to mitigate risk.

4:50 pm Day 1 Closing Remarks
5:00 pm Workshop Reception
2018 FOX Family Security Workshop Agenda
Thursday, July 19
7:45 am Breakfast
8:30 am

Opening Remarks

Presenter: Tony Gebely, Chief Technology and Integration Officer, Family Office Exchange

8:40 am

Be a Better Partner: Strategies for Securing Your Communication with Trusted Advisors

Presenter:  Steve W. Locke, CISSP, Director of Security Technology, Northern Trust

Financial institutions are critical partners of family offices. Security experts cite cyber threats as one of the top risks to financial markets. Financial institutions are continually challenged by the speed of technological change and the increasingly sophisticated nature of threats. Hear from a leading financial institution technology security expert about
threats to the landscape, what they are doing to monitor and mitigate these risks and how a family office can implement security practices that will protect their financial assets and transactions.

9:30 am Networking Break
10:00 am

Peer Dialogues

In this interactive discussion, participants will break into small groups to discuss their questions about personal, physical and cyber security.

10:50 am

A Hacker's Guide to Physical Security

Presenter: Brent White, Sr. Security Consultant, Threat Services, NTT Security

Join Brent White as he discusses proven methods of bypassing popular physical security controls and employees, using only publicly available tools and social engineering. You'll hear war stories from assessments, and the frightening simplicity of gaining unauthorized physical access to many things from server rooms to Top Secret Ops rooms. These assessments will be broken down to discuss the various social engineering and physical security bypass methods and tools used, as well as remediation recommendations.

11:40 am

Personal Security 101

Rob Gray
, Senior Director of Executive Security Programs and Operations, Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Eric Powell, Chief Security Officer, Bayshore Global Management LLC

In a world where social media makes personal privacy a challenge, how can you keep your family safe? Just as you have a process for evaluating business and investment risks, the process for assessing personal security risks should help you identify areas of vulnerability and outline strategies for mitigating those risks. From travel safety to the bodyguard skill sets, this session will give you the information, tips and tools you need to make smart, practical decisions about personal security for you and your family.

12:30 pm

Luncheon Session - Cybersecurity: Policies and Practices for Every Family

Presenter: Cory T. Lunn, CISA, IT Assurance Manager, Wolf & Company, P.C.

With cyber breaches making headlines with increasing frequency and magnitude and as more and more family offices have become targets of cyberattacks, it is no surprise that concerns about cybersecurity keep family office executives awake at night. During this working lunch, you’ll learn how to have productive conversations with family members about this important topic, how to enhance your current practices, and what steps you can take to develop and maintain a strong cybersecurity program.

1:45 pm Closing Remarks and Adjournment