2018 FOX Spring Global Investment Forum Agenda

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

7:45 am Breakfast and Registration
8:30 am

Opening Welcome

Presenter: Kristi Kuechler, President,
FOX Private Investor Center™, Family Office

8:40 am

Positioning Your Portfolio in the Midst of Disruption

Jeff Sherman, CFA, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, DoubleLine

In 2017, three central banks within the G-7 tightened monetary policy through the traditional method of interest rate hikes. The U.S. Federal Reserve, hiking three times, began “quantitative tightening” through the reduction of its balance sheet. Other G-7 central banks expanded their balance sheets through asset purchases. Will 2018 see convergence in G-7 policies? Further, what does this hold for the path of U.S. interest rates and more importantly its impact on the global macroeconomic environment? Mr. Sherman will discuss current valuation within various markets and how to position portfolios for potential increases in global interest rates.

9:30 am Networking Break
10:00 am

The Forces of Automation and the Future of the Labor Force

Deepa Mahajan, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Automation is not a new phenomenon, and fears about its disruption of the workplace and effects on employment date back centuries. But rapid recent advances in automation technologies, including artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and robotics are now raising these fears anew. We will discuss some of the questions most often raised in the public debate: Will there be enough work in the future to maintain full employment, and if so what will that work be?  Which occupations will thrive, and which ones will wither? What are the potential implications for skills and wages as machines perform some of the tasks that humans now do? 

The presentation will be followed by roundtable discussions.

11:15 am Networking Break
11:30 am

The Next Wave of Innovation

Jim Marshall, Head of the Emerging Manager Practice, Silicon Valley Bank

Sara Deshpande
, Partner, Maven Ventures
Tammy Sun, CEO, CARROT
Dr. Manu Kumar, Chief Firestarter, K9 Ventures
Lewis Anderson, CEO, Traptic
Josh Breinlinger, Managing Director, Jackson Square Ventures
Mattieu Gamache-Asselin, CEO, Alto Pharmacy

The next generation of venture capitalists come from more diverse backgrounds, and are known for investing early in founders making waves and disrupting industries. In this session, you’ll meet some of the most sought after VCs in early stage investing and the founders they have funded.  We will highlight investors and entrepreneurs in artificial intelligence, health science and other areas.

12:30 pm Networking Luncheon
1:30 pm

Peer Dialogue Sessions

Attendees will select one peer exchange dialogue session. All sessions will be facilitated by a member of the FOX team.

Please note, some discussion groups will be limited to specific network members or council members.

  • FOX Direct Investing Network – Family members and family offices interested in discussing direct investment opportunities and sharing their experience making direct investments in operating businesses.
  • FOX Investor Peer Dialogue – Investors will choose from three discussions: tactical opportunities; asset allocation/portfolio construction; and family/family office topics of interest.
  • FOX Strategic CIO Council (SCIOC) Meeting – Limited to members of the FOX Strategic CIO Council.
  • FOX Advisors – Peer exchange for the advisors in attendance.
3:00 pm Networking Break
3:15 pm

Breakout Sessions
Please select one of the following:

Breakout 1

"Beyond Hedge Funds":  Less Correlated Investments to U.S. Equity Markets

John Shearman
, Partner, Albourne Partners

Incorporating Options: Robert Gordon, President, Twenty-First Securities Corporation

Liquid Alternative/Risk Premia Strategies: John Shearman, Partner,  Albourne Partners

Managed Futures/CTAs: Kevin Craney, Director of Asset Management, R.J. OASIS

Infrastructure Investing: Kurt Phares, Vice President - Financial Institutions Group, Macquarie Investment Funds

The panel will explore the latest thoughts on the use of less correlated investments in portfolio construction. As correlations are notoriously unstable, what strategies may be able to provide less correlation to U.S. equity markets, without giving up too much upside in a long-lasting U.S. equity rally?

Breakout 2

Is Private Equity Replacing Public Equity?

Presenter: Andrea Auerbach, Managing Director and Head of Global Private Investment Research, Cambridge Associates, LLC

The increasingly unforgiving nature of public equity markets, coupled with the continued evolution and growth of private investment markets, is making it easier for more companies to stay private. As a result, investors seeking to capture the full range of investment opportunities across the U.S. economy have little choice but to increasingly pursue private investments. This session delves further into this trend and discusses how investors with the ability to accept illiquidity may reap the benefits for their portfolios.

Breakout 3

Tax Reform's Impact for Investors

Presenter: Randy D. Abeles, Partner, National Business Director Private Client Services, RSM US LLP

The recently passed tax reform legislation will impact your investments, your legal entities, and your cash flow. This session will discuss what family offices can do to preserve deductions, explore the changes in how investment losses will be characterized, and explore other ramifications of the significant new tax legislation.

Breakout 4

Opportunities in Disruptive Technologies: Cybersecurity, Robotics, and the Internet of Things

Daniel J. Rauchle
, Chief Investment Officer, Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank

Raymond, Mok, CFA, CPA, Portfolio Manager, Motif Capital Management

Investing is often focused on the shorter term. Only a few investors, with long-term capital, longterm incentives, and a long-term perspective can participate in long-term Thematic Investing: investing that is driven by the power of technological, demographic, and social/political change. We will explore some of the metrics that are driving Cybersecurity, Robotics, and the Internet of Things as long-term investment themes.

4:15 pm Networking Break
4:30 pm

Families Investing Directly: Lessons Learned

Moderator: Irene Mello, Director, FOX Direct Investing Network, Family Office Exchange
Panelists to be announced

Direct investing is a key investment focus for a growing number of family offices. Hear from a panel of seasoned direct investors on how they are approaching this opportunity and what success factors are required. Based on years of experience, these investors will share some of their “lessons learned,” providing insight into the key challenges facing direct investors today and the best practices being used to address them.

5:30 pm Forum Reception