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Wealth Management Technology and Outsourced Service Solutions for Family Offices and Financial Institutions.

Wealth Management Technology and Outsourced Service Solutions for Family Offices and Financial Institutions
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Who We Are

SEI Family Office Services supports the accounting, investment management and reporting functions for family offices, private banks, private wealth advisors and alternative asset managers. Designed to help family offices and advisors to wealthy families better serve their ultra-high-net-worth clients, SEI’s award-winning Archway Platform℠ and high-touch outsourced services efficiently handle complex partnership, portfolio and corporate accounting alongside bill payment, investment management and multi-asset class data aggregation. As of June 30, 2020, SEI Family Office Services has $375 billion in assets on platform.

What We Do


SEI’s proprietary Archway Platform℠ is built around a centralized general ledger that enables comprehensive support of industry-specific functions required to effectively manage all critical aspects of complex wealth information — from portfolio, partnership and internal accounting capabilities to performance reporting, investment management and bill payment. Designed as a core operational platform, this architecture ensures that all business functions are tightly aligned, dramatically improving reporting accuracy and providing flexibility in delivering a solution that is tailored to meet the unique needs of wealthy families and the private wealth management firms that serve them.

Developed in concert with the Archway Platform, the mobile client portal is specifically designed to help private wealth management firms effectively communicate with their end-clients. The client portal pulls accounting, investment and performance data directly from the accounting software and publishes the information into an interactive, dashboard-style display with intuitive charts, graphs and tables. Given the flexibility of the technology, users are able to tailor individual end-client views based upon specific interests and data requirements, providing on-demand access to a complete wealth picture.


In addition to its proprietary technology solutions, SEI’s Family Office Services division delivers a wide range of fully outsourced services that allow clients to leverage the award-winning technology through a dedicated services team. Designed for private wealth management firms seeking to minimize reliance upon internal operational resources, our highly-experienced outsourced services team provides delivery capabilities for a variety of day-to-day functions — from portfolio data aggregation and consolidated investment reporting to bill payment, partnership accounting and tax basis reconciliation services. As a result, private wealth management firms are able to streamline and control the management of client data.

What's Special About Us?

SEI Family Office Services provides integrated accounting and investment reporting technology and outsourced service solutions designed to streamline the accounting, investment management and reporting operations within family offices and financial institutions. Our flagship offering, the Archway Platform, typically replaces multiple systems including portfolio management platforms, general ledger software, partnership accounting tools and end-client reporting portals. Ideally, our platform allows our clients to run their entire business through a single application - from partnership accounting and bill payment to investment data aggregation and client reporting.

Our integrated accounting software fully understands the nesting chain that can exist within family offices. This capability allows clients to systematically allocate the P&L from the top level entities down through the nesting chain and ultimately to the family members who are paying taxes on the income.

Featuring more than 200 standard reports, ranging from traditional financial statements to consolidated portfolio activity, performance analytics and asset allocation reporting, our award-winning software helps family offices and financial institutions establish a consistent reporting experience for their internal staff and high-net-worth clients using automated report preparation and delivery tools.

Clients may choose to utilize the software in-house or they may leverage our high-touch client service team for fully outsourced consolidated investment reporting, bill payment, partnership accounting and family office administration services.

2020 FOX Technology Showcase Preview | July 28-30, 2020

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