2020 FOX Family Office Technology Showcase Sponsors

Premiere Showcase Sponsors: Demonstrations at 11:00 am and 12:00 pm CT, July 29 and 30

Addepar is the investment management technology company empowering investors and family offices to navigate the increasingly complex world of finance. Addepar brings a new level of integrity, transparency and impact to investment management by giving all stakeholders a complete, accurate and investor-centric picture across every portfolio. Learn More>>

KnowLedger helps accounting firms and family offices deal with the challenge of keeping their general ledgers (GL) up to date with accurate financial information pulled from an array of custodians, portfolio accounting systems, and other sources. With decades of experience in its team, KnowLedger developed an intuitive middleware platform that leverages a rules-based approach to translate detailed investment data into the GL on a routine basis. Learn More>>

Masttro is a global wealth technology platform that digitally transforms family enterprises by delivering intuitive user experiences, automated data aggregation and robust operational capabilities & efficiencies, with the mission to bring full control and transparency to the wealth owner and family enterprise. Learn More>>

Northern Trust's dedicated Global Family & Private Investment Offices group (GFO) has served the needs of family offices, private trust companies and private investment companies of every shape and size. Learn More>>

Sage Intacct is the only family office financial solution provider to bring a best-in-class cloud financial solution carrying ALL the following recognitions: 30 of the Top 100 CPA firms have chosen Sage Intacct; we are the ONLY AICPA® preferred financial management solution, and Sage Intacct is preferred by the International Federation of Accountants® (IFAC). Learn More>>

SEI Family Office Services provides integrated accounting and investment reporting technology and outsourced service solutions designed to streamline the accounting, investment management and reporting operations within family offices and financial institutions. Learn More>>

Standard Showcase Sponsor: Demonstration at 11:15 am CT, July 28

EstateSpace has developed the world’s first asset management solution that provides a single point of record for your family’s physical assets. Our platform allows principals and their executive staff to streamline private estate management activities, gain access to real-time services and create visibility across global operations. This intelligent financial management solution enables and simplifies how families manage and maintain valuable physical assets, to increase and protect generational wealth. Learn More>>