2022 FOX Global Investment Forum In-Person Agenda

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Monday, April 4, 2022

All times listed in U.S. Eastern Time
6:00 pm

FOX Direct Investing Dinner
Open to Single Family Offices and Wealth Owners

The Capital Grille Miami
444 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL  33131


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

8:00 am Breakfast and Registration
9:00 am Opening Remarks
9:30 am

2022 Global Macroeconomic Outlook
Join FOX as we kick off the forum by identifying what to pay attention to in the global markets, including the impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and other geopolitical events. Opportunities and key components to watch out for in relation to privates, publics, and broad asset class exposure will be shared.

Timothy F. McCusker, FSA, CFA, CAIA, Partner, Chief Investment Officer, NEPC LLC

Introduced by Miguel López de Silanes Gómez, Market Leader International, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

10:30 am

Examining Effective Portfolio Reconstruction: Why, How, and Overall Strategy
Panelists will discuss common transitions impacting ultra-high net worth families and their family offices that often trigger portfolio changes. The discussion will center around the why, the how, and the final results. Everything from changing priorities to renegotiating debt to managing the expectations of future generations, will be discussed.

Eric W. Bennett, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Tolleson Wealth Management
John Ravalli, Managing Director, Portfolio Management, Glenmede

Moderated by Gaby Griffin, Market Leader, Business Owners and Family Office Executives

1.0 CPE | Finance

11:30 am Networking Break
12:00 pm

Breakout Sessions

  • Case Studies: Navigating the Restructuring Process and Governance
    It’s no secret the investment world has changed, causing many family offices to re-evaluate the way they invest. During this session, FOX members will share the process they went through to reorganize their investment function. They’ll explain how they managed the restructuring of investment governance, outsourced relationships, underlying portfolio composition, and more.

    Alan Heath, Chairman and CEO, Wind River Trust Company
    Alan Houghton, Chief Executive Officer, GOELET, LLC

    Moderated by Scott Muench, Market Leader, Financial Families, FOX

    1.0 CPE | Finance

  • How-To: Manage Investment Managers
    This session will provide practical guidance for evaluating, hiring, and monitoring investment managers as well as decreasing the odds of either poor manager hiring or firing decisions.

    Kristen Krogh, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
    Alex Raffol, CFA CFP®, Senior Investment Director, Cambridge Associates
    Laura Hoult, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
    Mary Jo Palermo, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
    Moderated by Matt Murphy, Director, Business Development, FOX

    1.0 CPE | Specialized Knowledge 
1:00 pm Networking Luncheon
2:00 pm

The Impact of the Evolving Investment Landscape on Real Estate
Join a panel of experts as they discuss increasing inflation and its impact on the investment landscape. Speakers will discuss how to protect your portfolio, increase real estate exposure, their suggestions on how to best access real estate, and which sub-asset classes can meet investing objectives.

Jeff Shulman, Managing Director, CIBC
Daryl Shevin, CFO, 13th Floor Investments

Moderated by Gaby Griffin, Market Leader, Business Owners and Family Office Executives

1.0 CPE | Finance 

3:00 pm Networking Break
3:30 pm

How-To: Manage Real Estate Investments
This discussion-based breakout will dive deep into the topic of real estate and the process of how to effectively manage it.

Cortney Liddiard, Chief Executive Officer, Ball Ventures
Allen Morris, Chairman and CEO
Moderated by Gaby Griffin, Market Leader, Business Owners and Family Office Executives

1.0 CPE | Finance

4:30 pm

Deal Roundtable: Real Estate
Join this session to hear up to four 10-minute-long private investment real estate opportunities.

Tahri Molifua, Managing Director, Real Estate Capital Investments, Ball Ventures
Erik Larson, Director of Finance and Investor Relations, Ball Ventures
Spencer Morris, President, Allen Morris Company
Jake Farver, Senior Managing Director, Somera Capital

Moderated by Jonathan Tunner, Director, Private Investment Opportunities

CPE is not offered for this session.

5:30 pm Day 1 Concludes and Reception
7:00 pm International Attendees Dinner
Open to Forum attendees from outside of the U.S.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

7:45 am Breakfast and Registration
8:30 am

Undiscovered Opportunity and Risk: Frontier Investing Opportunities
Direct investors forging new paths into frontier investing will reveal the industries you should pay attention to and why. Join us for a conversation with expert panelists who will share the trends they’re seeing and provide invaluable insight into fast-moving and exciting spaces of next-generation wealth creation.

Dave Mullen, Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank

Moderated by Jonathan Tunner, Director, Private Investment Opportunities, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

9:30 am

Deal Roundtable: Frontier Investments
Join this session to hear up to four 10-minute-long private frontier investment opportunities.

Haven Allen, MHUB
John Petroff, Vice President, Strategy, Agriculture Capital
Dave Mullen, Vice President, SVB Capital

Moderated by Jonathan Tunner, Director, Private Investment Opportunities

CPE is not offered for this session.

10:30 am Networking Break
11:00 am

How-To: Successfully Compete In a Direct M&A Process
This session will address how to make family capital and family investment teams competitive with outside investment enterprises.

Sean Mooney, Founder and CEO, BluWave
Moderated by Tim Duffy, General Counsel and Manager of Strategic Partnerships, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance 

12:00 pm

ESG: Moving Beyond Concessionary Impact
Balancing impact with economic returns can be difficult to do at the same time. Speakers will address the topic in two ways – first will be examining the broad range of risks and opportunities that come along with ESG, and the second will be the journey of a family office and their practical implementation of ESG.

Wouter Lunshof, Head of Investments, Eligius
Emlyn Ade Palmer, Head of ESG Investing, Albourne

Moderated by Miguel López de Silanes Gómez, Market Leader International, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance 

1:00 pm Buffet Break
1:30 pm

Closing Luncheon: Looking East for Growth: Investing in China 
Despite the geopolitical risk, China’s economic influence is unavoidable. This session will help family offices understand the risk of investing in China long-term, including what is and isn’t avoidable. It will dig into the “how” so that attendees can map out their own approach to investing in China, including how to perform a proper risk and asset analysis.

Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, Matthews Asia

Introduced by Peter Moustakerski, CEO, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance 

2:30 pm Forum Concludes